Saturday, June 16, 2012

you are gentle upon my mind

You Are Gentle Upon My Mind

You are gentle
Upon my mind

Like a
Fresh water mountain creek
You sparkle in the bright sunlight
A soothing sound your voice makes

The mountain snowcaps melt
Purist water flows into that stream
From rocky crevices above
A liquid path-way through the
Green forest below
Across the grassy prairies
The delta marsh and
Into the sea, it goes

You are gentle
Upon my mind

You are a blessing
For this earth
Almighty God
Created you so unique

What becomes at the end of time
Of the mountain creek
The stream and all of the seas
I don't really know


Of this i am certain
It's a promise from our Lord
Jesus Christ
Your body, blood and soul
Shall walk in time-less paradise

I hope to walk with you
And see you face to face
Yes, it's for all eternity

You are gentle
Upon my mind


Photo Credit
Copyright © Elizabeth Ashley Photography


Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
November 2, 2011


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