Wednesday, July 13, 2011


today is Mother's Day
i am thinking
when I grow up...

dare i go on, you are wonderful
i know best because I am always with you...

i talk to you every day
oh, look at my little fingers, for no one has mine...

i see my hair growing, it's short now
i want long silky beautiful hair
like you
when I grow up...

teach me to sew
show me to cook
how do I sing like you
i want a pretty dress
i ask...

i want to go to school like you
i want to take care of you
when you are old ... weak n' vulnerable
like you are taking care
of me
my loving Mother...

i want to have my baby inside of me like you
when i am a woman...

oh, Happy Mother's Day
i shout from my tiny lungs...

i hear Daddie talk to the wonderful doctor
i hear the doctor's voice say
he'll take care of me
Mommie and Daddie
i love you...

O ... Owiee...
that mean man in the white coat is hurting me
my feet are being cut
my skin is bleeding
i cannot breath...

Mommie ... Daddie
help me
i love yoo...

Put this fetal tissue waste in the bio-trash
No wait
Take it to the trash dumpster
I can't stand the smell...

Your surgical procedure was flawless
I must say, I'm good at this
I always like taking more time with the vacuum suction
Cutting the baby into smaller pieces
To insure there are no fetal tissue
Contaminates lost in your uterus

Its good you came to see me at
Eight and one-half weeks

Rest one more day
then you can feel
that you have your life back again...

Excuse me
I have another Mommie who needs my treatment...

Matt, you pay at the front desk.

Citizen of the Womb Pic
Used with Permission
Copyright © Priests for Life

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
July 13, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sarah Is My Voice, a Poem

Sarah Is My Voice

I am Voice-less

The Abortion Physician
His razor sharp knife
Cuts my little body
My heart is still beating
My fingers still move
Where are my toes?

Oh, @SarahMindek
My screams of terror
Heard only by God

I am Voice-less

Twitter® is an Organized

Abortion Holocaust

Do not trust these Women
Who conspire in my murder
Where are my ears?

Oh, @SarahMindek
My screams of terror
Heard only by God

I am Voice-less

But these wicked Feminists
With their hearts of stone
These Blood thirsty
Murder Mommies
The Blood of 52 Million
Of us stain
Their soft-skinned hands

Prochoice Whores







That you love ... that you respect
That you ignore their
Most heinous

Crime Against Humanity

These Wenches
Advocate my genocide
Vote for my denial of Citizenship
Fund my murder in Planned Parenthood Clinic
Call me a Parasite
Deny me my Humanity

Oh, @SarahMindek
My screams of terror
Heard only by God

Sarah Mindek is my Voice
Are my screams of terror
Heard only by

Frightened Citizen of the Womb
Photograph Public Domain
Used with Permission Bing

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
11 July 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Don't Like It, a Sonnet

I Don't Like It


He is Preacher Paul Peterson
A Disciple of Jesus
The Sower of the Sacred Scripture

He is a faithful husband
Married to his bride for eleven years
A loving father to his daughters
Living in Atlanta, Georgia

He says,
"I'm just a normal guy, a normal man.'

Prochoice Abortion-Genocide

"I don't like it."


Mister Preacher Man,
What is your stance on
Prochoice Abortion-Genocide
N' Why?

"I realize the worst decision
That I could have ever made
Is to not live with her..."
To deny her the right to Life
My Special Needs Child

"The most incredible gift
That I've ever been given
Is the gift of Life."
Bestowed onto me by
Our Creator, Almighty God,
Our eternal Father

Prochoice Abortion-Genocide

"I don't like it."


Mister Preacher Man,
When do you believe
That Human Life begins?

"I believe that Human Life
Begins at the moment of Conception."

Scripture bears this truth

Prochoice Abortion-Genocide

"I don't like it."

Mister Preacher Man,
Do you believe
Prochoice Abortion-Genocide
Is Murder?

I have friends
Who committed Abortion Sin
I'm afraid
To call them Murderers

"I think it is taking
A life n' technology
Is showing us life
Begins early in the womb."

A Sonogram shows life

Prochoice Abortion-Genocide

"I don't like it."

Mister Preacher Man,
If the mother's life
Was in danger,
Would the Bible
Allow the Termination
Of this Birth?

The Physician declared
We must kill this child
It will save the mother's life

A storage room he goes
The Preacher Man testifies
I see a little bloody corpse discarded
In a plastic garbage pail
This 16 week old Baby

"His heart is still beating."

"I watched his fingers move a little bit."

"It was a baby Boy."

"My God, this is a little person."

I just stood there
Feeling dumb-founded n' watched
This baby Boy take
His last breath of life.

The Mother she died,
For God only decides
Life and Death
Not you, a physician nor I

Preacher Man, he buried
Both Mommy n' her son
that baby Boy

Prochoice Abortion-Genocide

"I don't like it."

Mister Preacher Man,
Do you believe there
Should be any exception
To Abortion, for Rape?

"It is hard for me to
Rationalize taking
One innocent life
To justify a wrong
At the end of the day,
I say, "No."

Prochoice Abortion-Genocide

"I don't like it."

Mister Preacher Man,
What does the Bible
Say about Abortion?

Step aside Heretic
For you do not preach
Under the Authority
Of the Holy See

The Bishop of Rome, the Successor to Saint Peter,
the Holder of the Keys of heaven,
Vicar of Christ,
Living Apostle to Jesus,
Good Shepherd of all Christian Faithful,
Sovereign Pontiff of all the
World's Christendom

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

"All children have the right to be born and to grow in the midst of a family founded upon matrimony, where the Father and Mother are the first educators of children in the Faith and where they grow to full human and spiritual maturity."

"Children are the major richness and the most precious good of a family."

"For this reason, it is necessary to help all people to be aware that the intrinsic evil of the crime of Abortion which attacks human life at its beginning, is also an aggression against society itself."

5 December 2005
Vatican City


Take a lesson from our history
Preacher Boi
N' fellow Citizens

The Tyranny of the British King
"I won't tolerate it."

The Terrorism of the Muslim Barbary Pirates
"I wont' tolerate it."

"I won't tolerate it."

adolf hitler n' Nazi Party
Jewish Holocaust
"I wont' tolerate it."

barach Hussein obama n' Democrat Party
Abortion Holocaust
"I won't tolerate it."

Prochoice Abortion-Genocide
"I won't tolerate it."

Abolish Prochoice AmeriKa

Photograph Credit of Murdered Citizen in Crime of Genocide
Copyright © Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
Used with Permission

Poem Inspired by Katie Stack
@ItsKatie73 Twitter®


Paul Peterson
@paulpeterson Twitter®
Quotations belong to Paul Peterson

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
10 July 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Know a U'tube Gerl N' She's Meaner than Me, a Poem

i Know a U'tube Gerl
She's Meaner than Me

Apricot, Aqua-marine, Antique Pimp
Atomic Tangerine

i know a U'tube Gerl
She's Meaner than Me

i 'twaz born on a griz' bear rug
My Moma just squat
i only bounced twice
i took my Pappy's bowie knife
Cut my cord quick

So'z i could climb
Upon my Moma's chest
Claim my favorite tit

i know a U'tube Gerl
She's Meaner than Me

Huntin' Fishin' Fur Trappin'
My Pappy taught me all the tricks
i 'twaz hom' skooled
Finished all my studies by age six

i know a U'tube Gerl
She's Meaner than Me

i ran away from hom'
Joined a rock band
The airplane rides made me sick


i played Bass guitar
A few fist-fights
Of the prettiest gerls
i always had my pick

i know a U'tube Gerl
She's Meaner than Me

Dis computer has hooked me
i surf the web all nite
Looking fo' kicks
i was top Dog

i meet her
fo' the first time
In my life
i took my licks

i know a U'tube Gerl
She's Meaner than Me

Apricot, Aqua-marine, Antique Pimp
Atomic Tangerine

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
July 4th, 2011