Saturday, November 26, 2011

Can Anyone Remember, a Poem

Can Any One Remember,

His eyes shine
Like the deep blue hue of an ocean wave
I feel so sure of his love
So comforted in his strong arms
His boyish laughter belies
His manly audacity

Can anyone remember love ...?

His massive loins rival
The marble columns of Athena
I feel so filled with his desire for me
I must catch my breath
His smile is the gleam
More beautiful than pearls
His cries of ecstasy is joy to my ears

Can anyone remember love ...?

His faithfulness to me
He learnt from the Church
I feel this great hope of eternal life
With him forever in heaven
His spoken words to me warms my heart

Can anyone remember love ...?

I can remember
My dearest husband

I await your return...

Photo Credit
Copyright © elle dot yamada
130 Word Poem
Copyright © ralph marie de largo
June 22, 2010

Sunday, November 20, 2011

His Blood, a poem


Scarlet red is the color of our body fluid
Drips from all our hands

His Blood redeems Mankind

An accident ... a bleeding wound
It should not have happened ... this metal shard
Cuts us all the same

His Blood redeems Mankind

He is
Jesus the Christ
An iron nail pierced His hand
Upon His cross
All His Blood spilled that day
T'was no accident

His Blood redeems Mankind

Photo Credit
Copyright © Elizabeth Ashley Photography
December 27, 2010
80 Word Poem
Copyright © ralph marie de largo
January 5, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Tea Party Knows

The Tea Party Knows

In the Name of the Father
And of the Son
And of the Holy Spirit

They have elected into public office
A Death Daddy
He is a Prochoice Genocidal
Baby killing Monster
He uses the authority of his office
To Murder 53 Million
Fellow Citizens of the Womb

There is a tingle up their thigh
They rejoice in the crease in his trousers
The Propaganda News-media Press
Shall not allow one of his
Curly black hairs to be criticized

We Tea Party know
He smiles and his lips move
He lies to us
He advocates his Marxism
We hope he fails

Lord Jesus Christ
Son of God
Have mercy upon this
Sinful Republic

This infidel Evildoer
Worships at the
Alter of Homoeroticism
He uses the authority
Of his elected office
To destroy the American Family
Economically, morally and legally

He is the Queen of Homosexuals
The face of the
United States of America
He blasphemes our Creator,
Almighty God, our eternal Father
When he perverts the
Sacrament of Marriage
For him, it is
Queer butte-fuckin' Queer
Oh, yea, did I mention
It's all for the 'spousal' money

The Tea Party knows
This Traitor to his
Oath of Office
To support and defend
Our Constitution against all enemies
Both foreign and domestic

He is the domestic enemy
He is the domestic enemy
He must be voted out of office
Election 2012
Or our Republic is dead

Yet, the Propaganda News-media Press
Demand and advocate his re-election tyranny
Traitors are they all

Almighty God punishes
All Cities and Nations that sin
Against Him
Divine fire-balls fall from heaven
Torched and vanquish
The sinful Homoerotic
Sodam and Gomorrah

Today, our Republic
Is more sinful
Than they

The Tea Party knows
He is corrupt and morally bankrupt
We Citizens have a God given right
To live in a moral Republic
Where our God given unalienable rights
Are respected by
The Ruling Bastard Bureaucrats

Lord Jesus Christ
Son of God
Have mercy upon our
Sinful Republic

In the Name of the Father
And of the Son
And of the Holy Spirit

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
November 15, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Abortion Doctor

Abortion Doctor

A Physician you are
And oath to save life you take
But it is Planned Parenthood gold
That you honor and crave

So the innocent life
Of a fellow American Citizen
In evil Abortion
You shall take

Your fellow physicians all look the other way

The Supreme Court gives their blessings
For this Crime Against Humanity

The daemon Congress
Smiles and spends
Our taxpayer stolen monies
For your death tables, knives and vacuum tubing

Planned Parenthood Woman's Health Clinics
Are baby killing torture chambers
Nestled neatly amongst
City, suburb and town

YouTube Personalities walk past these buildings
Their face in their camera
To post another mindless vid
"Damn, i'm hungry, let's get a bite to eat."

What does it matter
53 Million fellow American Citizens
I need more frames
I'll edit and post my vid tonight
My face is always to be in the spotlight

Even today's President
Is a Death Daddy
But Wtf
History is made
He's the First African American President
Hoorah ... Hooray
Liberty is enshrined this day

The Murder Mommies
Some confused
Some determined
Many don't give a shit

Come to you
Abortion Doctor

And many are culpable
In this Republic's heinous genocide

But it is only you
Whose hands
Wield the butcher knife

It is you, that actually kills a human life

A hangman's noose
Should be tied around your neck
And from a tree you should dangle
For Almighty God finds you guilty
The crime of genocide
Without your knife there can be

No Abortion Holocaust

But American Society is too civil
We don't hear the terror screams
We don't feel the scalpel cut
We don't see the blood ´n guts

So we just sit around
With our finger up our nose
And our thumb up our ass
We drool our mother's breast milk

Like a troop of baboons
We sit on our shiny asses
We take our turns
Eating each other's feces


Apathetically watch
Our once noble Republic
Slip ´n slide
Down that slippery slope
To Hades

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
January 22, 1973

Sunday, November 6, 2011

AmeriKa Prochoice Holocaust

Adolf Hitler's Prochoice Holocaust
Six Million


AmeriKa's Prochoice Holocaust
Fifty-Three Million

Tell me the difference

Suzanne Fortin

Suzanne Fortin
You speak like a drunken Sailor
In a Hong Kong whorehouse

Suzanne Fortin
I shall oblige you
With my profane prose
That you better comprehend

For I am a
Gentleman Poet
I speak of love, God and
Pearly white smiles


I am a
Pro-Life Gladiator
I bravely stand face to face
To a daemonic beast
In this virtual public arena

I am
Fighting to abolish
AmeriKa Prochoice Holocaust


Suzanne Fortin
You Prochoice Evildoer
Who Vomits upon truth

Suzanne Fortin
You are like
The serpent haired Medusa
Who's forked tongue
Spews the Satanic verse

"VOMIT. Don't ever fucking compare righteous Prochoice
To the Holocaust. Sickening."

Suzanne Fortin
You crawl upon your belly
Upon this earth you defend Prochoice
Your wicked gaze
Can turn a mortal man into stone
Impotent is he to save babies

I carry the shield of the Constitution
The God given unalienable right to life
My helmet is formed with divine grace
For not a blow shall strike my head
My sword is forged
By the Angel blade-smiths in the fortress of Zion
It's razor sharp Truth
Cuts through Prochoice Lies
Like a scythe
Falling acres of wheat

I raise my Sword of Truth
Against You

I sever your head
from your scaled body

I hold you by your dead serpent hair
And I proudly raise my prize
Held High
For all Pro-Life to see

This is how we

AmeriKa Prochoice Abortion Holocaust

Let the world see
Your glazed eyes
White, still and its wicked magic gone
Your unrepentant Prochoice soul damned to HELL
Now Babies can breath easily

Susan Fortin
You Pro-Life charlatan, you Catholic fraud, you Prochoice Medusa

Prochoice AmeriKa
This lost Republic's Holocaust

A Mortal Sin against our
Creator, Almighty God, our eternal Father

The most heinous Crime Against Humanity
In the history of mankind

This wicked people and Congress's
Denial of a fellow Citizen's
God given unalienable right to life

United States Government sponsored and promulgated
Genocide against the
Citizen of the Womb

Blood Staining the hands of all Taxpayers
Who are forced
By this Devil filled Congress
To pay for this Genocide

The last vestige of Slavery
Where one Citizen uses the power of the State
To claim another Citizen as property, as their body tissue
To be disposed of in the trash dumpster
As the Murder Mommie pleases

Use your Sword of Truth
Severe their Prochoice Evildoing heads from their bodies

Suzanne Fortin

Photo Credits Public Domain
Screen Photo Copyright © Tweet Deck
Copyright © ralph marie de largo
November 6, 2011
Thirty-second Sunday
Ordinary Time

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd

Hello everyone
I'm Atheist Prochoice

Ashley Judd

I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down
And the flames grew higher
And it burns, burns, burns
This fire of
These everlasting fires of

I told Jesus Christ
That He can kiss my Hollywood Ass

I don't believe in God
And Prochoice killing of babies

And I burn, burn, burn
In the everlasting fires

I burn forever in the fires of HELL

Am I sitting on a charcoal grill?
Is my cellulite thighs burning like a fat pig's roast?

Murder Mommie

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
April 19, 1968