Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Tea Party Knows

The Tea Party Knows

In the Name of the Father
And of the Son
And of the Holy Spirit

They have elected into public office
A Death Daddy
He is a Prochoice Genocidal
Baby killing Monster
He uses the authority of his office
To Murder 53 Million
Fellow Citizens of the Womb

There is a tingle up their thigh
They rejoice in the crease in his trousers
The Propaganda News-media Press
Shall not allow one of his
Curly black hairs to be criticized

We Tea Party know
He smiles and his lips move
He lies to us
He advocates his Marxism
We hope he fails

Lord Jesus Christ
Son of God
Have mercy upon this
Sinful Republic

This infidel Evildoer
Worships at the
Alter of Homoeroticism
He uses the authority
Of his elected office
To destroy the American Family
Economically, morally and legally

He is the Queen of Homosexuals
The face of the
United States of America
He blasphemes our Creator,
Almighty God, our eternal Father
When he perverts the
Sacrament of Marriage
For him, it is
Queer butte-fuckin' Queer
Oh, yea, did I mention
It's all for the 'spousal' money

The Tea Party knows
This Traitor to his
Oath of Office
To support and defend
Our Constitution against all enemies
Both foreign and domestic

He is the domestic enemy
He is the domestic enemy
He must be voted out of office
Election 2012
Or our Republic is dead

Yet, the Propaganda News-media Press
Demand and advocate his re-election tyranny
Traitors are they all

Almighty God punishes
All Cities and Nations that sin
Against Him
Divine fire-balls fall from heaven
Torched and vanquish
The sinful Homoerotic
Sodam and Gomorrah

Today, our Republic
Is more sinful
Than they

The Tea Party knows
He is corrupt and morally bankrupt
We Citizens have a God given right
To live in a moral Republic
Where our God given unalienable rights
Are respected by
The Ruling Bastard Bureaucrats

Lord Jesus Christ
Son of God
Have mercy upon our
Sinful Republic

In the Name of the Father
And of the Son
And of the Holy Spirit

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
November 15, 2011

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