Saturday, November 26, 2011

Can Anyone Remember, a Poem

Can Any One Remember,

His eyes shine
Like the deep blue hue of an ocean wave
I feel so sure of his love
So comforted in his strong arms
His boyish laughter belies
His manly audacity

Can anyone remember love ...?

His massive loins rival
The marble columns of Athena
I feel so filled with his desire for me
I must catch my breath
His smile is the gleam
More beautiful than pearls
His cries of ecstasy is joy to my ears

Can anyone remember love ...?

His faithfulness to me
He learnt from the Church
I feel this great hope of eternal life
With him forever in heaven
His spoken words to me warms my heart

Can anyone remember love ...?

I can remember
My dearest husband

I await your return...

Photo Credit
Copyright © elle dot yamada
130 Word Poem
Copyright © ralph marie de largo
June 22, 2010

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