Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Prochoice Representative, A Storm is Brewin'

Prochoice Representative
Storm is Brewin'

One cold and wintry night
A storm is brewin'

A Democrat Representative
Is walking
Down the halls of Congress
To his office

The halls are empty
For all the elected bureaucrats

Traveled home for the Christmas Holidays
The weather is unusually
Snowy and dark
He planned to leave that night

His throat is dry and parched
He could not understand why

He stops by a drinking-fountain
Like the foundation of a tomb
The marble floor
Under his feet felt

Up his spine is a draft
It chills him to his bones

The odor of burnt flesh
Is what he smells
He wanted to run and hide
But he is frozen in fear

From out of no-where
Is the stately looking man

His eyes are gone
And in his sockets
Shown white balls
With flickers of red-yellow flame

As tall as me he stood
With his bald head

And he wore a
Crown of gold oak leaves
A white tunic and purple wool cloak
Around his left shoulder is draped

On his feet he wore
Fine crafted leather sandals

Royalty is his attire
An Emperor
A Senior Statesman
Yes, I am certain

His voice is authoritative

The Statesman calls
The Representative by name

"I once murdered
My fellow human beings
as effortlessly as your sip of water."

"I ordered my executioner
To wield his sword cutting, stabbing
Innocent men, women, children
into chunks and pieces of flesh."

"Into the garbage pit
I ordered their bodies dumped
Still alive, screaming
I heard their cries for mercy
I smiled."

His last word is uttered,

Arising from the Ethereal World
A mob of ghostly men

Attack-- seize the Statesman

A razor sharp double-edged
Dagger is their hands
The polished iron blade
Flashes like lightning

Stabbing, cutting, thrusting
Into the Statesman's flesh

All bloody is the Statesman

Grotesquely twisted his body
Falls to the marble floor

Bright scarlet red pieces
Of his torn flesh
Is his many stab wounds
Upon his bleeding body

The Statesman's
Red vital body fluids

Pooling beneath the Representative's
Patent Leather cordovan shoes
And blood squirts with each beat
Of his pierced heart

Lying upon the marble floor
Surrounded by Assassin thugs

The Statesman looks at the Representative
With his white empty eye sockets
And he gasps
With his last living breath

"Prochoice Representative,

You shall walk these
Hallowed halls of Justice

With me

And suffer my fate
For everlasting time,

If you do not use the authority
Of your elected public office to abolish
Prochoice Abortion Genocide."

Beneath that dead Statesman
The marble floor cracks open

The sting of burning sulfur
Suffocates the Representative's nose
He feels a heat that he knows
It can consume his body, blood and soul

The Representative sees
A yellow-orange Fiery pit

Engulf all the characters
Who haunted him
He is dazed
It was real, not a dream

But the marble floored halls of Congress
Return to their usual public appearance

Without a trace of what he had seen

I changed my vote from
Prochoice to Pro-Life

Nancy Pelosi is enraged
She uses her authority
To destroy me politically
My Campaign funds stolen
She bars me from my chairman seat

How could I have know
She is such a
Raving, lunatic
Baby killing
Prochoice Genocidal Bitch

I am a Pro-Life Democrat
And I easily lose my office
To a low-life baby killing creep

What the fuck does it matter
My soul I shall keep

I hope to walk with
Jesus Christ
To eternal paradise

A Prochoice elected Representative
I don't want to walk
These hallowed halls of Congress

Meeting that ghostly Statesman once
Is enough to convince me
To repent and renounce Prochoice

Mmmm... maybe I'll be a
Pro-Life Republican?

Photo Credit
Copyright © Elizabeth Ashley Photography

Copyright © ralph marie de largo

At Eleven seconds, Eleven minutes after the Eleventh hour on the Eleventh day of the Eleventh month of Twenty-Eleven A.D.

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