Friday, December 9, 2011

the emperor barack Hussein obama

the emperor barack Hussein obama
American Poem

The Two-Thousand and Eight Election comes
The votes are counted
The Citizen has spoken

The Forty-Fourth, Election out-look
was brilliant on that
national vote count day

America's first African-American President
barach Hussein obama
Is voted into the highest elected office


A jubilant cry of
Hope and Change
spoke from most mouths that day
for the atonement for slavery, racism and bigotry
was forever gone away

All the national media and the printed press
could not have had a more glorious day

Those Journalists shout and print
"Obama is the messiah,
he is infallible and he doesn't error,

he's the best man, he's the smartest, he's our man
and don't you dare criticize him
for one out-of-place curly black hair

Christ Matthews
feels a tingle run down his penis

David Brooks
his eyes glisten and his mouth salivates
just look at the crease
in this black dude's trousers

"Oh, yes, I am certain, this President
is our greatest guy!" David confides

But behind closed doors
kept out of the Public spotlight
in the hush of anonymity spoke
Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw says,

"We don't know about barack Hussein obama
and his thinking! We didn't do our job.
We just forgot to connect the dots."

Charlie muses, "I don't knnow what barack obama's
world view is? We really don't know how smart he is."

Like a trained
Gold Medal Olympic Sprinter
jumping from the starting blocks

Muslim president barack Hussein obama
legislates his Marxist Agenda

He spreads our taxpayer wealth
to his cronies and world leftists

He forces and coerces taxpayers
to fund and promote
his Abortion Holocaust

He legislates homo-marriage and gay Marines
and obama death panels is our
national healthcare

He confiscates the car companies
and destroys the oil industry
All business men kneel before him
and Congress is impotent
to stop him
he smiles and his policies
destroys our families,
currency, national economy
Our Soldiers die in foreign lands

The Citizen doesn't even have time to scream

Btw, we're not a Christian nation
says he and
obama has taken out our Creator
for our rights no longer come from He
but emperor obamie

Yes, the American Citizen
has buyer's remorse and a stomach ache
for swallowing all obama lies

and an unemployment rate of
thirteen percent
opens all the sucker's eyes

Rush Limbaugh
is a shining beacon of
truth and honesty

He stood alone against
the obama gale, uttering
"I hope he fails."

And Rush spends three hours each day
with his oratory
he protects this Christian nation
and all the Constitution enshrines

So you AmeriKan retards get what you deserve

But it's the rest of us true Patriots
that suffer from your liberal foolishness
and now it's time we make things right

Now some where in Prochoice AmeriKa
Planned Parenthood is counting its gold
for every murdered Citizen is a coin

A Democrat Congressman is smiling
he has passed another new tax bill

And Billie is satisfied
he is behind closed doors
and he ain't letting her keep this dress

The Two-Thousand and Twelve Election comes
The votes are counted
The Citizen has spoken

Americas gaze upwards towards heaven
in their thanks-giving awe
to realize their prayers of
Hope and Change

the emperor barack Hussein obama
Of his elected office



Copyright © ralph marie de largo
November 11, 2011 at Eleven o'clock
520 Word Poem

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