Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pro-choice AmeriKa

A little girl, she's only fourteen
The pagan Hollywood pop-culture
Lies to her and now her morals stray

Now ain't that Obama's AmeriKa
We're not a Christian people anyway

She is a Mother
A fellow Citizen is in her womb
NARAL's cry is for Reproductive Justice

The human being is butchered
Into pieces of flesh

A vacuum neatly sucks him
Into the medical waste bin
His body and soul are forgotten by us
He doesn't need a name

Now ain't that Pro-choice AmeriKa
Home of the baby Killer
Land of the Presidential Abortionist

Who pays for this Crime Against Humanity
The American Taxpayer pays for this Genocide
Planned Parenthood just counts their gold

Now ain't that the US Congress' AmeriKa
Home of the Washington D.C.  Bureaucrat
These Privileged Ruling Class

Land of the Peasant cowards and Traitors
There's too few of us Patriots today

Our Second Amendment right is
Bestowed by our Creator, Almighty God,
Our eternal Father
It is an unalienable right

It is today, a right vilified
And rescinded
By Lucifer's minions

A disarmed Citizen
Is a terrorized Peasant
Who bows his knee and lowers his head
Not to God, but to
His Emperor

History repeats itself ...

How long can this Republic stay free
We've murdered 56 Million souls
Sacrificed their innocence in our

Abortion Holocaust

Oh, but we're not through
Mocking and Sinning against our Creator

Sit in the Church pews, look down the aisle
I see two men, holding hands and smiling
The 'christian' Pastor asks the question,
Both men answer, "I do."

Now ain't that Sodom and Gomorrah
Home of Sodomites and Pedophiles

This is my beloved Constitutional Republic
Bibles, Guns and Families


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Copyright © ralph Marie de largo

24 March 2013
Palm Sunday of the Passion of our Lord

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

As the Colors Wave

As the Colors wave

See the teenage mother,
with a child in her womb
and anguish upon her tormented face

Standing in a cold, dark door-way
of a Planned Parenthood Clinic

As Pro-Lifers kneel and pray
The Holy Rosary

The mother is wrestled around her arm,
by a wide-eyed, black surgical gowned
woman screaming curses and threats
at the side-walk kneeled Prayers

As the teenage mother sobs
tears wetting her face

The black clothed woman
throws the mother
into the clinic lobby
and she locks-tight the glass doors
behind her

As the daughter of Satan
Cecile Richards smiles
and counts her tax-payer funded

A teenage girl, who once carried life,
is alone and morally lost
is walking the busy streets aimlessly,
her eyes empty of life
and her abdominal cramps
bend her over to vomit

As Lucifer, Prince of Lies
smirks and proudly
embraces his Democrat Party

His first disciple
barack hussein obama

"Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere."

As Citizens elect a Pro-choice
bastard bureaucrat to public office
and they turn their eyes from our
Abortion Holocaust
to look another way

Our Republic dies with
55.7 Million fellow Citizens
are denied their God given
Right to Life

My fellow Americans
release the righteous
Christian Rage
within you

As we Patriots extinguish
our Republic of these
baby killing genocidal monsters,
voting them from public office

Abolish Prochoice Abortion Genocide

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Copyright © ralph marie de largo
Twitter @ProLifePoet
30 October 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And God said,

And God said,

All creation belongs to
Look up into the heavens
Both day and night

See the blazing sunrise

The deep blue sky is a hue
That every Artist yearns
To possess with pigments, brush and canvas

Generations of men have epic failures
Never to paint its true majesty

Sunset, like a fiery ball
Descending into the earth's crust

Behold, the dark velvet dome above
Sparkling lights and illuminated disks
Like diamonds, pearls and precious gem stones

Can any vision be more beautiful

And God said,

Righteous men and pure of heart
Her gaze penetrates a man's soul
Look into her fathomless brown eyes
The heavens pale

My beloved Lorelei

All creation belongs to
Cradle a rose in your hands

Most cherished flower
In any man's garden
Shakespeare's words are timeless

A deep red hue is so brilliant
The sunlight multiplies the scarlet
Into color every
Anguishes his life-time
To capture in print

Only to reproduce a shadow of its

Every fashion designer
Would give his life
For its fragrance
Just one trace of smell in his perfume

Can any passion of our senses
Be more fulfilling

And God said,

Righteous men and pure of heart
I decree, her lips
Every man shall yearn to kiss
Her fragrance and color
Makes a rose wan

My beloved Lorelei

All creation belongs to
I dare you to ask for her friendship

When you are lonely
She is there

When you need a thoughtful word
Her words comfort

Who is she really
She keeps you guessing
You shall  never know

Don't try and understand her
Feminine wiles

Know her, love her and be blessed
With her amity

My beloved Lorelei

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Lorelei

My Lorelei

The dunes on the beach
Is cold at night
Sand is a nuisance
Slipping between my cloths

The cool night's air
Fill my lungs with life
The stars above us
Twinkle n' flash
Like brilliant diamonds

My sleep is warm and comforting
When I reach for my Lorelei

She is her own
Role Model
Not swayed by Hollywood glamour

Strong willed and defiant
Sometimes I wonder
If my thoughts really matter

I'm certain of God's love
He created her
Just for me

My life would be
Empty and bleak

If I could not reach
For my Lorelei

Her mood swings
Perplex me
Our last smoke
She'll never share

Her touch
Makes me scream
I know that I'm alive

Come hell or high water
Earthquake or drought

I know that she'll be there
When I reach for my Lorelei


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Copyright © Dax McKenzie

Coyright © ralph Marie de largo
16 february 2013


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Friday, February 15, 2013

ghost ship

Ghost Ship

Each night
I drop my head
To the pillow to sleep

My mind slumbers
Its poetic genius rests


My heart stays awake
Like a lone Naval sentry
In the dark night
Guarding a Fort Anchorage
His orders, "Let no ship pass."

His eyes are fixed
Look over the ramparts
To the sea
He searches the horizon

Diligent, he never sleeps
The stars and shining
Crescent moon
Illuminate the ripples
Of massive waves pounding the rocky shore

He knows she's coming
As each night before
It's too frightening a vision

First he hears
The sharp bow smashing the waves
Ship's keel cuts the watery foam
And the phantom vessl
Makes head-way, makes head-way

Fear grips him
But his post he stands
And he faces the sea
With only a musket
In his hands

First he sees
Break the horizon quick

Five large white square sails
Rigged to foremast and then
Comes into view

White canvas sheets, so many
Reefed to yards hanging upon
Main and mizzen raked masts

All sails wind-swelled and firm
Taut to Ship's running rigging
Like a young maiden's bosom
Filling her bra, two sizes too small

His eyes attracted to the ship's physique
Like a lady's laced corset
Giving feminine erotic silouette
To her breasts, waist n' pelvis

Draped from the mizzen-mast
Graceful folds of a flying banner
Red, white, red bands
Maple leaf centered Colors

l' UnfoliƩ

In the sentries next heart-beat
The Clipper Ship
Is upon him

Frozen in fear
He hadn't time
To sound the alarm

The ghostly ship
Draws near, draws near

Her mahogany wood deck shines
Black ebony trims her gunwales
Magnifying her elegant sheer line
All her sails glow
Whiter than new fallen snow

Sea-worthy and graceful upon the water
Is her long svelte hull
Like muscular legs
Of a ballerina upon her toes

Her stern is
Sturdy n' well built
Like the buttocks
Of a dancing show gerl

The last that
He sees in this
Ship Apparition
She passes into harbor

Beneath the bowsprit
Carved in mineral gold
The head, face, hair
Voluptuous breasts
Of a woman so beautiful
No poet's words could constrain

Her shrill voice is like
A kinswoman of Satan
The figure-head looks into his eyes

She screams the
Naval Sentry's name

Her words curse

"Damn you.  Damn you."
"Go away.  Go away."
"I'll  not have you stay."

My mind awakens
From its sleep
Unconcerned about
The Heart's epic woe

The day is like
Any other day
Sun-rise --- Sun-set

I drop my head
To the pillow to sleep


Photo Credit Copyright © Dax McKenzie

Poet laureate
Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
15 February 2013


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