Wednesday, October 30, 2013

As the Colors Wave

As the Colors wave

See the teenage mother,
with a child in her womb
and anguish upon her tormented face

Standing in a cold, dark door-way
of a Planned Parenthood Clinic

As Pro-Lifers kneel and pray
The Holy Rosary

The mother is wrestled around her arm,
by a wide-eyed, black surgical gowned
woman screaming curses and threats
at the side-walk kneeled Prayers

As the teenage mother sobs
tears wetting her face

The black clothed woman
throws the mother
into the clinic lobby
and she locks-tight the glass doors
behind her

As the daughter of Satan
Cecile Richards smiles
and counts her tax-payer funded

A teenage girl, who once carried life,
is alone and morally lost
is walking the busy streets aimlessly,
her eyes empty of life
and her abdominal cramps
bend her over to vomit

As Lucifer, Prince of Lies
smirks and proudly
embraces his Democrat Party

His first disciple
barack hussein obama

"Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere."

As Citizens elect a Pro-choice
bastard bureaucrat to public office
and they turn their eyes from our
Abortion Holocaust
to look another way

Our Republic dies with
55.7 Million fellow Citizens
are denied their God given
Right to Life

My fellow Americans
release the righteous
Christian Rage
within you

As we Patriots extinguish
our Republic of these
baby killing genocidal monsters,
voting them from public office

Abolish Prochoice Abortion Genocide

Photograph Credit
Public Domain

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
Twitter @ProLifePoet
30 October 2013

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