Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pro-choice AmeriKa

A little girl, she's only fourteen
The pagan Hollywood pop-culture
Lies to her and now her morals stray

Now ain't that Obama's AmeriKa
We're not a Christian people anyway

She is a Mother
A fellow Citizen is in her womb
NARAL's cry is for Reproductive Justice

The human being is butchered
Into pieces of flesh

A vacuum neatly sucks him
Into the medical waste bin
His body and soul are forgotten by us
He doesn't need a name

Now ain't that Pro-choice AmeriKa
Home of the baby Killer
Land of the Presidential Abortionist

Who pays for this Crime Against Humanity
The American Taxpayer pays for this Genocide
Planned Parenthood just counts their gold

Now ain't that the US Congress' AmeriKa
Home of the Washington D.C.  Bureaucrat
These Privileged Ruling Class

Land of the Peasant cowards and Traitors
There's too few of us Patriots today

Our Second Amendment right is
Bestowed by our Creator, Almighty God,
Our eternal Father
It is an unalienable right

It is today, a right vilified
And rescinded
By Lucifer's minions

A disarmed Citizen
Is a terrorized Peasant
Who bows his knee and lowers his head
Not to God, but to
His Emperor

History repeats itself ...

How long can this Republic stay free
We've murdered 56 Million souls
Sacrificed their innocence in our

Abortion Holocaust

Oh, but we're not through
Mocking and Sinning against our Creator

Sit in the Church pews, look down the aisle
I see two men, holding hands and smiling
The 'christian' Pastor asks the question,
Both men answer, "I do."

Now ain't that Sodom and Gomorrah
Home of Sodomites and Pedophiles

This is my beloved Constitutional Republic
Bibles, Guns and Families


Photo Credit
Copyright © ralph Marie de largo Photography Studio

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo

24 March 2013
Palm Sunday of the Passion of our Lord

234 Words

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