Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And God said,

And God said,

All creation belongs to
Look up into the heavens
Both day and night

See the blazing sunrise

The deep blue sky is a hue
That every Artist yearns
To possess with pigments, brush and canvas

Generations of men have epic failures
Never to paint its true majesty

Sunset, like a fiery ball
Descending into the earth's crust

Behold, the dark velvet dome above
Sparkling lights and illuminated disks
Like diamonds, pearls and precious gem stones

Can any vision be more beautiful

And God said,

Righteous men and pure of heart
Her gaze penetrates a man's soul
Look into her fathomless brown eyes
The heavens pale

My beloved Lorelei

All creation belongs to
Cradle a rose in your hands

Most cherished flower
In any man's garden
Shakespeare's words are timeless

A deep red hue is so brilliant
The sunlight multiplies the scarlet
Into color every
Anguishes his life-time
To capture in print

Only to reproduce a shadow of its

Every fashion designer
Would give his life
For its fragrance
Just one trace of smell in his perfume

Can any passion of our senses
Be more fulfilling

And God said,

Righteous men and pure of heart
I decree, her lips
Every man shall yearn to kiss
Her fragrance and color
Makes a rose wan

My beloved Lorelei

All creation belongs to
I dare you to ask for her friendship

When you are lonely
She is there

When you need a thoughtful word
Her words comfort

Who is she really
She keeps you guessing
You shall  never know

Don't try and understand her
Feminine wiles

Know her, love her and be blessed
With her amity

My beloved Lorelei

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