Friday, February 15, 2013

ghost ship

Ghost Ship

Each night
I drop my head
To the pillow to sleep

My mind slumbers
Its poetic genius rests


My heart stays awake
Like a lone Naval sentry
In the dark night
Guarding a Fort Anchorage
His orders, "Let no ship pass."

His eyes are fixed
Look over the ramparts
To the sea
He searches the horizon

Diligent, he never sleeps
The stars and shining
Crescent moon
Illuminate the ripples
Of massive waves pounding the rocky shore

He knows she's coming
As each night before
It's too frightening a vision

First he hears
The sharp bow smashing the waves
Ship's keel cuts the watery foam
And the phantom vessl
Makes head-way, makes head-way

Fear grips him
But his post he stands
And he faces the sea
With only a musket
In his hands

First he sees
Break the horizon quick

Five large white square sails
Rigged to foremast and then
Comes into view

White canvas sheets, so many
Reefed to yards hanging upon
Main and mizzen raked masts

All sails wind-swelled and firm
Taut to Ship's running rigging
Like a young maiden's bosom
Filling her bra, two sizes too small

His eyes attracted to the ship's physique
Like a lady's laced corset
Giving feminine erotic silouette
To her breasts, waist n' pelvis

Draped from the mizzen-mast
Graceful folds of a flying banner
Red, white, red bands
Maple leaf centered Colors

l' UnfoliƩ

In the sentries next heart-beat
The Clipper Ship
Is upon him

Frozen in fear
He hadn't time
To sound the alarm

The ghostly ship
Draws near, draws near

Her mahogany wood deck shines
Black ebony trims her gunwales
Magnifying her elegant sheer line
All her sails glow
Whiter than new fallen snow

Sea-worthy and graceful upon the water
Is her long svelte hull
Like muscular legs
Of a ballerina upon her toes

Her stern is
Sturdy n' well built
Like the buttocks
Of a dancing show gerl

The last that
He sees in this
Ship Apparition
She passes into harbor

Beneath the bowsprit
Carved in mineral gold
The head, face, hair
Voluptuous breasts
Of a woman so beautiful
No poet's words could constrain

Her shrill voice is like
A kinswoman of Satan
The figure-head looks into his eyes

She screams the
Naval Sentry's name

Her words curse

"Damn you.  Damn you."
"Go away.  Go away."
"I'll  not have you stay."

My mind awakens
From its sleep
Unconcerned about
The Heart's epic woe

The day is like
Any other day
Sun-rise --- Sun-set

I drop my head
To the pillow to sleep


Photo Credit Copyright © Dax McKenzie

Poet laureate
Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
15 February 2013


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