Monday, November 14, 2011

Abortion Doctor

Abortion Doctor

A Physician you are
And oath to save life you take
But it is Planned Parenthood gold
That you honor and crave

So the innocent life
Of a fellow American Citizen
In evil Abortion
You shall take

Your fellow physicians all look the other way

The Supreme Court gives their blessings
For this Crime Against Humanity

The daemon Congress
Smiles and spends
Our taxpayer stolen monies
For your death tables, knives and vacuum tubing

Planned Parenthood Woman's Health Clinics
Are baby killing torture chambers
Nestled neatly amongst
City, suburb and town

YouTube Personalities walk past these buildings
Their face in their camera
To post another mindless vid
"Damn, i'm hungry, let's get a bite to eat."

What does it matter
53 Million fellow American Citizens
I need more frames
I'll edit and post my vid tonight
My face is always to be in the spotlight

Even today's President
Is a Death Daddy
But Wtf
History is made
He's the First African American President
Hoorah ... Hooray
Liberty is enshrined this day

The Murder Mommies
Some confused
Some determined
Many don't give a shit

Come to you
Abortion Doctor

And many are culpable
In this Republic's heinous genocide

But it is only you
Whose hands
Wield the butcher knife

It is you, that actually kills a human life

A hangman's noose
Should be tied around your neck
And from a tree you should dangle
For Almighty God finds you guilty
The crime of genocide
Without your knife there can be

No Abortion Holocaust

But American Society is too civil
We don't hear the terror screams
We don't feel the scalpel cut
We don't see the blood ´n guts

So we just sit around
With our finger up our nose
And our thumb up our ass
We drool our mother's breast milk

Like a troop of baboons
We sit on our shiny asses
We take our turns
Eating each other's feces


Apathetically watch
Our once noble Republic
Slip ´n slide
Down that slippery slope
To Hades

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
January 22, 1973

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