Wednesday, July 13, 2011


today is Mother's Day
i am thinking
when I grow up...

dare i go on, you are wonderful
i know best because I am always with you...

i talk to you every day
oh, look at my little fingers, for no one has mine...

i see my hair growing, it's short now
i want long silky beautiful hair
like you
when I grow up...

teach me to sew
show me to cook
how do I sing like you
i want a pretty dress
i ask...

i want to go to school like you
i want to take care of you
when you are old ... weak n' vulnerable
like you are taking care
of me
my loving Mother...

i want to have my baby inside of me like you
when i am a woman...

oh, Happy Mother's Day
i shout from my tiny lungs...

i hear Daddie talk to the wonderful doctor
i hear the doctor's voice say
he'll take care of me
Mommie and Daddie
i love you...

O ... Owiee...
that mean man in the white coat is hurting me
my feet are being cut
my skin is bleeding
i cannot breath...

Mommie ... Daddie
help me
i love yoo...

Put this fetal tissue waste in the bio-trash
No wait
Take it to the trash dumpster
I can't stand the smell...

Your surgical procedure was flawless
I must say, I'm good at this
I always like taking more time with the vacuum suction
Cutting the baby into smaller pieces
To insure there are no fetal tissue
Contaminates lost in your uterus

Its good you came to see me at
Eight and one-half weeks

Rest one more day
then you can feel
that you have your life back again...

Excuse me
I have another Mommie who needs my treatment...

Matt, you pay at the front desk.

Citizen of the Womb Pic
Used with Permission
Copyright © Priests for Life

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
July 13, 2011


  1. You are, quite possibly, the most misinformed person I have ever had the pleasure of coming across on the internet.
    How dare you assume for even a moment that someone else's medical procedure is your business?
    You, sir, are a bigot.

  2. You are, quite possibly, the most baby killing genocidal Monster I have ever had the sorrow of coming across on the Internet.

    How dare you assume for even a moment that someone else's LIFE is yours for the killing just because you can get away with murder.

    Repent and renounce Prochoice or Jesus Christ promises to condemn your resurrected body and soul in the everlasting fires of HELL.

    You may escape judgment upon this earth but you will not escape justice after your death.

    You Madame, are a Prochoice Abortion Genocide Whore.

    ralph Marie de largo