Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Few, the Pride, the Gay Marines

2nd Marine Corps Recruiting District
Van Nuys, California

The United States Marine Corps

The Few, the Pride, the Gay

It's NOT your Daddy's Marine Corps

From the desk of: Gunnery Sergeant Michael Rock

Dear Shane Dawson,

I have some very good news for you since our last conversation one year ago that disqualified you from joining our elite fighting men and women. Our Commander-in-Chief and his Congress have joined hands and recently changed the 'Don't Ask--Don't Tell' federal laws that govern the Corps to, 'We Don't Need to Ask--We Already Know."

New recruiting guidelines are immediately in place and affect all newly enlisted Marines reporting to the Marine Corps Recruit Training Depots at Parris Island, South Carolina and San Diego, California. The Commandant acting under orders from our beloved President Barack Hussein Obama has signed General Order No. 666 establishing these guidelines.

US Marine Personnel who change their sex or experiment with their sexual identity have a right to privacy and respect. With respect to uniforms, the Marine must conform to the dress code and standards of deportment of their idealized Gender. Male Marines who believe they are women will be required to wear women's apparel and women who believe themselves men will conform to the male dress code.

This is very welcome news for all men, women and transexuals who are creative about their gender and want so desperately to serve our country. All male, female and he/she Marines will now be issued both male and female clothing allowances at their respective boot-camp depots and you can choose what gender uniform you shall wear for that day. Our Marine Corps Drill Instructors are very helpful as they are trained specialists in mixing and matching.

We also have the special 'My Buddy' enlistment incentive program where you can enlist with anyone else of any gender and be guaranteed bunkmates. It's NOT your Daddy's Marine Corps, stop in my recruiting office at the shopping mall. If I'm not sitting at the recruiting table you can find me in the store across the aisle the Rainbow Boutique.

Shane, today is your opportunity to ask me how I can help you earn money for college, learn an employable skill and give you the satisfaction of being a part of someone. Don't delay, you are getting older by the day and YouTube® is forgetting you.

Semper Fi,

Mikie <3

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