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Prochoice Gazzette

Prochoice Gazzette

Making AmeriKa better One Abortion at a time

52 Million and Counting

Special Election 2012 Edition
Volume Satan Issue 666

NARAL Prochoice AmeriKa Speaks with Authority DC Rally

Washington DC (PC)-- Murder Mommie extraordinaire, Prochoice AmeriKa spokeswoman, gold-digger for Planned Parenthood Lobbyist and beloved President of NARAL, No Abortion Refused And Lovin' it, spoke to a crowd of like minded genocidal killers in the crapital today. PC estimates the crowd at Umm... er... Hummm... one hundred, no, TEN million sisters, heroines, defenders of reproductive justice and a few men who have only one pea sized testicle. Only in Prochoice AmeriKa and Prochoice China, can one Bureaucrat murder a Citizen and call it justice.

Nancy the 'blood Keenan, speaks with her usual Irish Catholic sincerity and contrived sainthood, "It is the Three-P's that shall continue to secure a Mother's right to murder her child into future generations, presuming we don't abort them all. Planned Parenthood taxpayer funded, that's the first 'P,' Paid-off Politicians, that's the second 'P' and Pussy Christian Americans, that's the last 'P,' also the most important. My evil thrives only because Bishops, Priests, Preachers and Christians don't say shit about Prochoice Abortion Genocide in their homilies and vlogs. And that Tea Party, do they scream about losing a dollar to Uncle Sam but the loss of their God given unalienable right to life... HO HUM."

Saint Keenan goes on-n'-on, blah, bla... "protect a woman's right to choose"... yada, yada... "vote and make your voice heard above the screams of terror of aborted babies,"..."Seek Hope in Obama..." and after a sixty minute nap, Nancy Hitler Keenan concludes, "I shall burn in Hell, but I'm taking all you Bitches with me." Wow, such passion and commitment, let's move on to the crowd.

Our own resident Twitter® Prochoice Whore, Katie Stack, aka @ItsKatie73 is a guest speaker, for three minutes. She whines, "Hi, hello, how are you? I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I got an award for making a difficult and courageous decision to murder my own child in my womb when my boyfriend knocked me up and I wasn't emotionally attached and I wasn't ready to be a mother and it wasn't worth the hassle. I am happy to say that our Congress has voted to have tax-payers pay for my next abortion, which is a good thing because I'm pregnant." The mob gives a standing 'O.

"Hi, who are you and what do you think?" I meet this next defender of reproductive justice. "Hi, like look at my palm, cool huh, 'I stande wit Planned Parenthood.' So, like my name is Annie Slutwalker, aka @klondikebar123, which btw, i swallow more than just ice cream... which i started doing after i got preg and i had my abortion, but now that tax-payers pay for my abortion, I can have as many aborts as i want and not have to swallow anymore. Okay, i stand uterus to uterus with my fellow Murder Mommies at this most important juncture... um... err... It's my body, keep your hands off, unless you have two dollars. Heh, heh, remember, I'm Prochoice."

Yes, it's official, the Prochoice rally is being called complete. It's over, until next week. We have to share this podium with the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Try-sexual/Trans-Wtf Cult of Immorality rally. I see the 1967 Dodge Van pulling up now.

This is Lisa Nova reporting for Prochoice Gazzette, hey, YouTube® has forgotten me.

Planned Parenthood Scientists find cure for 'Morning Sickness'

New York City (PC)-- The world renowned and akcademically acclaimed IPCC, the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that issued the Global Warming Report calling for the first Muslim elected US President Barach Hussein Obama and his Democrat lead US Congress to coerce US Taxpayers to pay other nations for their global pollution and to spread the wealth for world economic justice, has released its report on Morning Sickness in the Post Coital Female Slut. Planned Parenthood used some of its taxpayer monies to pay-off these scientists and issue another bogus report that PlnPahd could use to justify their continued murder of American Citizens of the Womb. It is well understood that there are enough retarded Americans in this Republic who believe everything that they read in the US Press and PlnPahd wants to capitalize on this charade.

The report is concise and written without the scientific technical jargon that usually fills a scientific report like Global Warming. The scientist's spokesman Al Gore, conclude, "Morning Sickness in the Post Coital Female Slut is caused by the unwanted growth of globular reproductive tissue mass shaped like a baby. The only cure to this malady, that inflicts nausea to uncounted numbers of promiscuous women is to have an abortion."

The photograph above shows this unwanted growth of globular reproductive tissue mass that infects sluts and whores alike. Now that the unconstitutional Obamacare is mandated into law, all Murder Mommies will have access this free, Taxpayer Funded Woman's Healthcare Uterine Surgical Cut ´n Vacuum Procedure, TFWHUSCVP. Planned Parenthood promises to meet the demands of this Constitutional protected woman's right to choose by using its taxpayer funding to build more and more TFWHUSCVP Clinics.

Annie Slutwalker our own Twitter® @klondikebar123 is gracious enough to share her courageous and difficult story. "So like me and my bf where like drinking Vodka shots and watching porn on my iphone, listening to Satan music and my bf said, 'Annie, it's to dangerous to drink and drive, we might kill a baby or something. Let's just park the car.' Well, i told him NO means NO but he gave me two dollars, so like we couldn't buy just one condom, we had to purchase the whole box, so my bf said that he can't feel anything with it, so we didn't get them and back then the government wouldn't pay for my birth control pills and i was out. My bf was so nice, he said that he'd pull it out in time but i told him, Wtf, i can always get an abort, if i get preg. I can't remember the next three days but i got preg and i sold my CD Satan music collection and paid for my abort. I'm so glad that now the government pays for my next abort."

The IPCC has issued a press release about their next scientific report, requested by the United States Marine Corps, "The Superior Fighting Spirit of Gay Marines and their implementation of Touch Techniques of Motivation in the Fleet Marine Force."

This is Olga Kay reporting for Prochoice Gazzette, kisses to my mushies, from Mush Mommy. <3 Hey it's a job that pays.

President Obama bravely stands up to Vatican City

Washington DC (PC)--President Barack Hussein Obama called a Press Conference responding to Pope Benedict XVI, speech from the Saint Peter's Square Balcony in Vatican City calling his American Bishops to speak with one unified voice against the intrinsic sin and evil of all procured abortion and calling all Roman Catholic Politicians to repent from their grave sin, to renounce Prochoice Abortion Genocide and use the authority of their elected offices to abolish this Abortion Holocaust.

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI speaks with the God given Authority of the Bishop of Rome, the Successor to Saint Peter, the Holder of the Keys of heaven, Vicar of Christ, the living Apostle to our Lord Jesus, Good Shepherd of all God's Faithful in His two-thousand year old Church and Sovereign Pontiff of all the world's Christendom said,

"Prochoice Abortion Genocide is a mortal sin against our Creator, Almighty God, our eternal Father, all procured abortions for any reason in any nation are intrinsically evil but in the United States of America, this people is exceptional, it is a Republic seeded with the blood of Patriots blessed with Divine Providence and the only nation in the history of the world whose Citizens acknowledge their endowment from our Creator, these God given unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness..."

"How much more satanic and evil the sin of Prochoice, is the United States Supreme Court, the Congress, the President and the Citizen who advocate and legislate this heinous Crime against Humanity, this promulgation of the last vestige of slavery where one man uses the power of the State to claim another man as property to be disposed of as he and now the mother pleases."

"But the abject denial of another Citizen of the Womb's right to life is unconscionable and surely every Citizen must see this. Surely, every American must speak unceasingly day-in-and-day-out against this Atrocity against Mankind, until it is no more, never to show it's ugly seven serpent head."

"I testify and witness to the birth of modern day tyranny, a birth that has cost untold suffering and death to the world. As young alter-boys, my brother and I watched an unknown man who seemed to come from now-where, rise to his political ascendancy. He was regaled in the press as the man who would take my country and lift it to new heights of 'Hope and Change.''

"He was the 'dark horse' in the political running of electable candidates and few people gave him much attention to his book and fewer yet of the press vetted him for my people's most important leadership position. Once in elected Office, he consolidated his power. He coerced all the automotive companies under his authority, he bullied all the nation's business leaders to bow to his power and he took full ownership of oil producing assets and he alone decided when and where to drill for oil."

"We watched this man grow in his despotism but we believed that today, today is the day that he keeps his campaign promises. He went beyond traditional bounds of politics and vilified his opponents, persecuting religion, unionizing his henchmen and using their labor for evildoing and legislating immorality and sin against God. No one stopped this evildoing man and we all just sat impotent and aghast at the complete destruction of our nation."

"I know well this tyranny that destroyed my country and I fear for you my beloved world defender of liberty, I fear for your Republic, my brothers and sisters in Christ, I fear for the United States of America and pray that your Patron Saint, the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary holds back the Wrath of her Son who punished my country as He shall surely punish you, if unrepentant."

"I call upon all my Bishops of the Church, especially the American Bishops to speak as one voice against this abomination of government against a people and to demand of all Roman Catholic Politicians their repentance and cessation of violence against the Citizen of the Womb or be Excommunicated from the Church. President Barack Hussein Obama, tear down these walls of immorality, injustice and genocide. Abolish Prochoice Abortion Genocide. End this evil Abortion Holocaust or it shall end your noble Republic."

President Barack Hussein Obama, looking magnificent and regale dressed in his custom fitted navy blue wool suit, around his muscular neck he sports a brilliantly colored Rush Limbaugh fashion silk tie, virgin snow-white linen shirt and form fitting wool double breasted pin-stripped jacket, the perfect avant-gardé showcasing his masculine physique, I see his razor sharp trowser crease, his haute couturé of his Presidential ensemble. It sends a tinkle up my thigh. He is sporting a new hair cut easily seen under his Panama straw hat that he needed for his trials and rigors of office during his working vacation on Martha's Vineyard. He smiles his signature smile when he was asked about his tie, he said,

"Rush Limbaugh tie, no shit...? Heh, heh... I mean, Rush Limbaugh who's Rush Limbaugh? Oh, that white racist, homophobic, misogynist, anti-choice, anti-government Christian who doesn't pay enough of his fair share of taxes and talks all day to a twenty-five million count audience, telling them, I must fail. Hey, I've got no hard feelings against him, it's a nice tie."

US Congressional Representative Nancy Pelosi, California 8th District, Democrat standing with the President in his Press Conference said, "O... Please, I'm Roman Catholic, if the Church really felt that Abortion was so terrible a sin against God, then the Pope would have excommunicated me when I spoke to him, I mean, Duh... Not only do I support a woman's right to choose to murder her child but I legislate Gay Marriage, this biblical abomination that got the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah damned to HELL; Euthanasia, where we can kill grannie when she forgets; Homoeroticism Sex Education taught to our Kindergartners, I mean a man putting his penis in another man's anal orifice is diversity and our government has a responsibility to teach this truth; I legislate the revocation of a Parents right to home school; I advocate taxing the wealth of the Church, it's not their money, it's ours and I believe in 'separation of Church and State'... We keep the moral truth of the Church, out of the State. And I'm still going to Mass every-now-and-again and my Bishop has NO problem with me receiving the Sacrament of the Eucharist. I applaud the first Muslim President for his courage to bravely stand up to the Pope and his Theocracy in Vatican City. Even Jimmy Carter could only muster the kahonnies to talk to Hugh Hefner's Playboy Magazine."

This is Natalie Tran reporting for Prochoice Gazzette. Hey it beats Australia any day. At least the seasons are right and not all the men in America are Gay.

It's Not Your Money
Prochoice Gazzette must be financially truthful to our fellow Citizens just like we are truthful about preserving the sanctity of life Prochoice. It's time that you know our billionaires and millionaires are NOT paying their fair share in taxes. When Rush Limbaugh can fly around in his own private jet that he paid for with his own hard-earned money, then he's not paying enough in taxes. These filthy rich men should take the taxpayer funded bus like the rest of us. We ruling Class set the example every day in this nation and we ride around in taxpayer funded transportation all day and every day and so should you, all.

Hey Queens, are you tired of rolled eyes when you try on clothes in the women's departments, 'fish,' do you never find the style and fashion in sizes that fit you? Shop at the Rainbow Boutique in the mall across from the US Marine Corps recruiting table. We have a helpful staff who will personally accompany you into the dressing room to service you. We have fish net stockings in XXXXL, bras, panties and all the niceties that a man needs to feel fulfilled. Men, now you can dress up to impress your man. We are also the Official clothing allowance for the United States Marine Corps. Men, now, you can report to boot-camp and impress your Drill Instructor and maybe even get a date with him.

US Senator Edward Moore 'Ted' Kennedy, Massachusetts, Democrat Party died August 25th 2009. Last Thursday was the two year Anniversary of his death and though he died as an unrepentant Prochoice public sinner, advocating and legislating Prochoice Abortion Genocide unto his death bed, he shall have the last laugh, presuming he can laugh burning in HELL. Obamacare has achieved his most sought after dream... Taxpayer funding of all abortions performed in the Planned Parenthood TFWHUSCVP Clinics. Our nation's Abortion Holocaust and the Woman's Healthcare of 52 Million mothers is a triumph to America's Schizophrenic mood towards Prochoice. Yes, Prochoice Abortion Genocide is morally wrong and unconstitutional, but who am i to tell a mother she can't kill her own child. Senator Ted Kennedy's panaché at exploiting this American illness for his political gain is his legacy along with our Abortion Holocaust.

Adolf Hitler, pioneered the way for today's modern Democrat Party President. He was an articulate orator and political chameleon extraordinaire, as all politicians are, but he was Second best. He was perceived anyway that suited his constituents and the press obliged his evildoing and obfuscated his policies. His legacy is carried on in American Democrat Party politics and our Abortion Holocaust.

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
4th July 2011

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