Friday, June 15, 2012

is eternity enough time

is eternity enough time

every now n' then

when a few centuries

have pasted n' faded

God in His divine wisdom

creates a gerl

honest and complex

everyone who knows her

through tweets, pics, vidz n' life

she has a sincere beauty

that radiates from her soul


you cannot keep your


she changes it

her sweetheart you become


if you choose

to play the mind-game

with her, you have

already lost

she need only draw upon her

gifted intellect, rapier wit n' feminine wiles

your brain is mush

i am her Poet

i should know her


take my advice

love her, find comfort in her sigh

warm your heart with her laughter

treat her friendship

more precious than yellow gold

while you walk upon this earth

don't try and understand her why

is eternity enough time

to know you

katie sah

cuz' that is the time

i shall be blessed with you

in our Father's

heavenly kingdom


Photo Credit
Copyright © Katie Sah


Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
Friday 15 June 2012


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