Tuesday, June 12, 2012

kiss prochoice good riddance

Kiss Prochoice Good Riddance

Hello, how are you
I'm Jennifuh
I'm not Jennifer'
I'm Jennifuh

Now i told you, and don't be
A fricken' retard and get it wrong
I ain't got no time for
Youz "special people"

I'm here today on
Blog, to tell you
Prochoice W'hoez

Yea, that's right

What are you thinking?
It's a BAA-BEE
Yea, your BAA-BEE

And you kill it
Youz murder your own child
You talk-up

I've got a mind
To find everyone of you
Prochoice W'hoez

And 'bitch-slap
Youz so fricken' hard
Yo mamma
Feels the pain
In her womb

No, i've got a better idea
Jesus Christ is gonna
bitch-slap you Murder Mommies to

I'm so pissed off right now
I'm pale from rage
I'm losing my bronzie' glow

I got a lot of pull
In my side of town
Yea, youz just say the name
And see the side-walk people stop

Prochoice AmeriKa
Youz is his-tyr-wah

Yea, that's right
I'm kissing you good-riddance

Where's my posse on this one?
I'll round them up

YouTube® Nation
Take yo finger from your nose
And your thumb from your ass

Where's your fricken' ProLife Vidz, everyone?

You chicken-shit cowards
Gonna let ProLifePoet
Do all the work

You can't all be
Fricken' Narcissistic No-talents
And watch our Republic destroyed

"Oh, look at me. I'm so pretty. Subscribe"

Go away, i don't want to talk to youz anymore, today
Wait for a better day

Youz Prochoice baa-bee killing W'hoez

I kiss Prochoice Good Riddance


Photo Credit
Copyright © Elizabeth Ashley Photography


Copyright © ralph marie de largo
November 1st, 2011


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