Saturday, June 23, 2012

i love you --- just because

i love you --- just because

i love you --- just because

i open our front door

it's the way that you greet me

after a frustrating day at work

a warm soft touch

your hands caresses my neck

you need not say a word

your eyes say all that i want to hear

"You are mine now darling husband.

I'm glad that you are here!"

i love you --- just because

it's your kiss

i would die without

moist hot lips

a tongue so soothing

your breath as sweet as honey

i'm convinced

that no angel in heaven

could steal me away from you

i love you --- just because

smile for me

let me see the reflection

of the purity of your soul

an ageless grin

that sets my heart to skip a beat

time shall never dim

i love you --- just because

you show me two pink stripes

upon the test strip

here, a sip of ginger ale

i read it only lasts a few days


it's only nine months

cooking can't be that difficult

you can sit upon a chair

you'll start breast-feeding

lasting almost a year

we'll sure save a lot of money

on baby formula

kids grow up fast

i love you --- just because

you're my


and until the end of time

you are all mine


Photo Credit
Copyright © Katie Sah
21 June 2012


Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
Friday 22 June 2012



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