Wednesday, June 6, 2012

my heart is broken

my heart is broken

my heart is broken

do you want to know why

so many lost n' confused mothers

offer their children up to

Planned Parenthood

to be tortured cut to pieces

murdered in this Republic's

Prochoice Abortion Genocide

my fist is clenched

do you want to know why

so many bastard bureaucrats

advocate, legislate  n' codify

the murder of fellow Citizens in

this Republic's

Abortion Holocaust

my Voice is screaming

do you want to know why

i'm asking America

Where are the

Sons of Patriots

who froze-stiff fingers and toes

at Valley Forge

Are there any

Sons of brave men

who raised our Colors

on Mount Suribachi

has the blood of the Heroes

who conquered world tyranny

spilled upon the beaches of


sacrificed in vain


Bishops, Priests, Deacons

your Homilies are Silent

it is deafening my ears

this is America

there should be a

ProLife Army

who speaks for the


Forever Abolish this

Crime Against Humanity


Photo Credit
Public Domain

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
Wednesday 6 June 2012



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