Tuesday, June 5, 2012

listen ashley judd

listen ashley judd

Ashley Judd

You are alone

Surrounded in darkness

Feel your heart beat

Nourishing your living flesh

Listen to your breathing

Slow, rhythmic n' at rest

Ashley Judd

Do you hear them

Ashley Judd

Do you hear their

Terrified screams of the


The cries of the millions  n' millions

Souls that you've murdered

Their innocent blood stains your hands


Prochoice Abortion Genocide

A mad physician

Wields his knife with expertise

He cuts, he slices, he butchers

Heads, hands, bodies, feet

A bloody mess


He vacuums it up, all nice n' neat

Planned Parenthood

Weighs the human remains

The older the child

The more it Profits


Ashley Judd

Don't tell me you do not hear

Okay, just wait

For your Judgment Day

Jesus Christ

Shall make it all sound clear


Photo Credit
Wikimedia Commons
Public Domain

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
Tuesday June 5, 2012



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