Monday, June 25, 2012

Where Have All the Children Gone

Where Have All the Children Gone

Upon my deathbed I lie
I see the Angel beckoning me
So comforting is his smile

Peaceful is the path
That he leads me

The distant gate shines
Choirs sing beyond

But I pause, I hesitate
I ask myself

"Where have all the Children gone?"

From this earth their lives
Are stricken

By Madmen drunk with political power

Wenches with hearts of stone

Satan's Physicians wield the knife
That butchers God's creation
Bleeds a fellow Citizen's
Flesh pale

Christians weep

Pagans, Atheists and Traitors
Laugh, drink and fornicate

The Cult of Immorality reins

From the White House

Through the Halls of Congress

The Justices don the
Black Robes of Death

Who dares to abolish their Genocide

A new soul has our


The blue is fear

The white is the life-less
Apathetic Eyes of a once noble people

The red, the blood-red hue
Is the vital body fluid

Drained from fellow Citizens

Forever staining our fabric of

With no voice

With no vote

Abandoned to be Orphans

With no mother
To nurse them at her nutritious breasts

With no father
To safeguard them in his manly arms

Damn you baby killing Monsters

Damn you Prochoice Evildoers

May Jesus Christ cast your
Unrepentant body and soul
Into the everlasting fires of

Angel of Death
You mock me
I'll not go willingly with thee

My Republic's Abortion Holocaust

Must be Abolished before
I shall rest peacefully

Angel of Death
Do not fight with me

I'm an American

Prochoice AmeriKa
Shall rue the day

That they ever

Fucked with me

My Righteous Christian Rage


Photograph Credit
Copyright © Elizabeth Ashley Photography


Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
Divine Mercy Sunday
14 April 2012


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