Sunday, June 3, 2012

unknown gerl

unknown gerl

she is an unknown gerl

her name i cannot recall

no longer known to me

her young face

more beautiful than any portrait

painted by Michaelangelo

i cannot remember

i've forgotten her feminine silhouette

shapely waist

firm svelte muscular thighs

woman's breasts

Yes, she's never on my mind

long silken mahogany hair

shining like heavenly dew

what she does

where she travels

by rubber river raft

jet-plane to exotic far-a-way lands

sail boat amongst the native islands

is no longer my concern

she does not ever cross my mind

i swear, i swear

i never think of her

she is an unknown gerl

that's what she wants to be


Photo Credit
Public Domain

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
30 october 1988


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