Thursday, June 7, 2012

prolife abolitionists

ProLife Abolitionists

An evil stalks
Our noble Republic

Brain dead creatures
Hearts of Stone
Blood Thirsty
Genocidal Monsters
Crawl from the
Bowels of HELL

They walk the
Halls of Concress

Sit upon our benches
Of Justice

Creep upon our
College campuses

Infect our Society

Daemons are they all
Lucifer they serve
Debate is over
Damn compromise
Destroy these evildoers

They murder Citizens
54 Million die in their
Genocide surgical rooms

Thrust a wooden stake
Through their heart

Shoot a silver bullet
Aim between their eyes

But the poetic metaphor

ProLife Abolitionists

Likes the best

Unsheathe his sword
Razor sharp edge shines
And sever their head
At their neck

Heroes kill best
With sword in hand
Then raise their

Dead fleshed-skull
Ghost white-eye sockets
Gripped tightly
By their hair of serpents

Hold it high
In the public arena
For all the world to see

Death, Death, Death

Conquer ... Execute



Abortion Holocaust


Photo Credit
Public Domain

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
Thursday 7 June 2012



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