Sunday, June 10, 2012

elizabeth, i am

Am i a Poet, Elizabeth

Your eyes sparkle
With innocence
Everlasting youth

i must capture this in prose
Words shall be my palate

Am i a Poet, Elizabeth


A word so meaningless
When i search my language
Frustrated in my attempt

Pen, Ink and Paper

Miserably fail
To express this warmth
Deep within my soul

I cast my eyes upon your angelic grin

Am i a Poet, Elizabeth

Can the ocean waves pounding the shore

Is the gentle crackle of a flowing
Mountain stream

I hear the faint flutter of a butterfly
Wing prance from flower to flower


All of these pale
To the sound of your voice
So sublime, so sweet
To my ears

i am a Poet, Elizabeth

Photograph Credit
Copyright © e. ashley photography dot com

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
Divine Mercy Sunday
15 April 2012

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