Friday, May 18, 2012

i stole from jess

i stole from jess

we walk along the ocean boardwalk
i pull her closer to my side
"Oh, look over there
it's a kite in the sky!"

i stole a kiss from jess

the roasted duck is browned in maple syrup
the Chef is superb
the wine is chilled

she cuts the fowl n' raises her fork

i stole her bite from jess

lying beside her
upon the finely crushed sand
the rhythmic crashes of the waves

seems to move the shadows of the sea grass

i see above us
dark velvet dome
sparkling like diamonds
too numerous to count

the moon is hiding
the sea is ink black

i must turn n' roll
to find our flashlight

i stole a hug from jess

i'm no thief, no villain of the night
tis' a man who's justified

jess stole my heart
that's why

Photograph Credit
 Copyright © Jess Lizama

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
18 May 2012

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