Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jess Is a Mother

Jess Is a Mother

a teenage girl with child

this brave story begins

her child's father abandons his family

Jess Is a Mother

her parents treat her as an adult

she cannot lay-around the house n' cry

she takes responsibility

for her innocent child

Jess Is a Mother

what could her

emotions and thoughts have been

can i even imagine

i shall  never know

even as i a Father

Jess Is a Mother

54 Million

other mothers with child

shrug their shoulders

give up so easily

"It's the best decision for me!"

i can murder my child


start over another day


Jess Is a Mother

she is alone

no income, financially broke

life's hard-knocks hits her young

she places all her dreams, education, body-image

after the birth n' nurturing

of her child

Jess Is a Mother

this corrupt and morally bankrupt

world is against her


demands she murder her child

his minions attack her daily


the pinnacle of society

icon of young women

she guides mothers to abortion genocide

Tax-payer funded

daemonic abortion organizations

Planned Parenthood


Prochoice AmeriKa

United Nations

use America's money bankroll

to coerce Satan's Death Agenda

upon her

a knife, the vacuum

there is gold to be squeezed
a Womb Citizen's blood

President, Congress and Supreme Court

the most powerful authority in our

World of Nations

manage, legislate, codify

Abortion Holocaust

can you understand

do you really comprehend

my praise, my respect, my admiration

for her

she stands alone against

Lucifer's Army

to protect her child

Jess Is a Mother

I am a Poet

I've used

three hundred words

to truthfully tell

her courageous story

the poem is written

i could praise her more

she is a virtue of Motherhood

she makes America noble n' free

I am a Poet

Jesus Christ loves a Mother

need i write anything more

Jess Is a Mother


Photo Credit
Copyright © Jess Lizama


Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
24 May 2012


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