Saturday, May 19, 2012

is there anything that i regret

you have touched a
Poet's heart

my prose flows
like a mountain stream

from rocks up high
into a majestic river it forms
even an ocean can't stop it

is there anything that i regret

Yes, i regret
my poem is but a shadow of your beauty

your eyes so filled with life
and my palate of words empty

your angelic smile
is a blessing from God
it  nourishes a man's soul

can it be captured by my Art

your lips, i regret i'll  never kiss
not while i walk upon this earth

but heaven awaits you and i
the time shall come
eternity is ours

Yes, there is now nothing that i regret


Photo Credit
Copyright © Jess Lizama

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo

19 May 2012

121 Werdz

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