Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Who's Your Mommy

Who's Your Mommy

I don't have a name yet
But my mother is
She writes a blog on tumblr

Hello boy
My Mommie, she
Named me, but she's keeping
It a surprise
Oh, her name is
Such a beautiful name and
She has a funny YouTube channel

I think my mother hates me
When she discovered
I was born, she cried
Screaming, "Why, why!"

I heard her yell at
Her boyfriend, my father

I think together
They're planning
I die

Nonsense, how could that be
My Mommie
She was so happy but surprised
She told me
I was a gift from heaven
But my Daddie
Her boyfriend, made her cry

My mother said
School is more important than me
I heard my father say,

"Annie, I'll drive you to
Planned Parenthood
Tomorrow at three."

What is Planned Parenthood
It is God who decides
When I'm conceived

Jess's baby girl
Can you tell me

Planned Parenthood
I heard my Mommie
Yell, "No."
But I was quite sleepy

Don't worry so much boy

This is the
United States of America

Home of the brave, land of the free

You think that they could
Murder us
In genocide clinics
Like it was Hitler's Nazi Germany

The physician takes an oath
To preserve life

And we elected
The first African American President
I heard him speak
A sacred vow

I promise to protect, preserve and safeguard
Every Citizen's
God given unalienable right to life
From conception to natural death

Silly boy,
How bad can your worries be

Jess, your pregnancy is fine
Your baby in your womb
Is healthy and growing strong

I'll see you next month
Call me if you spot or bleed

I have the greatest respect for
You teenage Mothers
Who trust in Jesus
Give birth to your child

Prochoice AmeriKa
What an evil thing


Photo Credit
Public Domain

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
30 May 2012


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