Thursday, May 31, 2012

ebony n' ivory

ebony ´n ivory

You need not be a
For even a Common-man can see, how
Magnificent she stands
The Queen
Of the Orchestra

The elder strings, the angelic woodwinds
And the red-blooded brass
Bow to her elegance and sovereign voice

The drum-heads are struck
With vigor and glee

The beaten animal skins roar with praise
Rhythmic adoring of she

Her stature and mere presence dominates
The Royal Symphony

The Concert Hall
Becomes alive with the sound of her song
Filling the ears of all those fortunate
To obtain license to this musical court

Her place in history is decreed

Bach ... Mozart ... Beethoven
Her suitors who loved and courted her
These noble gentlemen wrote
To her
Poems of Love
Given to her 88 keys, taunt wire strings and pleasing melody

I am a Poet
I could go on-´n-on
About her enchanting charm



Ebony and Ivory
Cannot compete
With your
Eternal Beauty


Your Poet

Photo Credits
Copyright © Elizabeth Ashley Photography

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
5th October 2011

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