Friday, May 25, 2012

my gerl jess

My Gerl Jess

Go west to the vast prairies
On the Fourth of July
Get out of your car and
Walk slowly through
The green grasses and
Abandoned pastures
Where wild alfalfa grows

You are sure to hear a song
The Western Meadowlark sings
A beautiful whistled tune
Like an angelic flute
Short n' sweet to the ear

You can hear it quite clear
The bird will be near
Look for a fence post
Or the tops of a branch bush
That's where it proudly perch

Dressed with bright yellow breast
See a black 'V' band under its neck

Its flanks under the wings white
Its head, body n' tail feathers
Pale washed-out brown, with speckles of black

A long thin pointed bill
Its eyes like two bright crystals
Staring at you

God in His heavenly gift
Has created a voice
More melodious than
These flighted creatures be

My gerl Jess
Yes, my exotic jess

I hear the most beautiful voice
When she talks to me

Drive north into
The State of Maine
Stop at a place
Sebago Lake

The wild growing plants
See the bite-sized
Indigo berries with velvety skin
Varieties to hand-pick
All summer long

Eat them fresh off
The high-bush
Smell the aroma of heaven
Taste the delicacy of paradise

Go ahead
Fill your tummy
You'll feel just nice

God in His divine blessing
Has created a savor
More satisfying than
These blueberries be

My gerl Jess
Yes, my exotic jess

Her lips, when I kiss
Electrify me

Take to a seaworthy ship
Her masts straight n' true
Sails billowing firm
Like a young maiden's breasts

Follow the Trade Winds
Sail west towards
The Mariana Archipelago

Land upon the
Island of Guam
Landmark its furthest north-west
Ritidian Point Beach

Depart your ship
In deep waters
Securely anchored off-shore

Launch your jolly-boat
Seaman watch her bow
Row through the foaming breakers
The rip-currents are strong

The beach is
A gentle slope
The white sand finely ground

I'm amazed at
The lush green vegetation
Growing so near
The water's edge
So thick and luxurious
But that's not why I've come

Look west boy, look west
And wait for the magical time

You'll see God's majesty
In the clear blue sky
It's a golden yellow ball of flame
It burns my eyes

Watch the fiery globe slowly drop
Into the ocean vast

The deep blue hue
Of the distant horizon sea

Contrasts with the
Turquoise green of
The near shore

Divine waters glimmer
And is pleasing to our Creator

It all looks surreal
Like I could reach out
And touch

The large ignited ball
Fills the sky and nothing else
He has blown away all clouds

The sky, the sea
Merge into a blurred
Brilliant red-yellow hue

A ball aflame submerges itself
Sinking into the waves

The earth becomes flaming red orange hues
As far as my eyes can see

All of my fears
Of fire vanish
The salt-water
Is a calm grayish ink

Darkness surrounds me

God in His perfect love
Has created a woman
More breath-taking
Than any sunset could be

My gerl Jess
Yes, my exotic jess

No gentleman's heart
Upon earth could be
More enlightened of warmth
Fondness and awe

Than I am with
My gerl, Jessie


Photo Credit
Copyright © Jess Lizama


Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
25 May 2012


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