Sunday, May 20, 2012

i want a pet pig named Pepper

i want a pet pig named Pepper

i want a pet pig
we can name it Pepper

he'll be so cute n' cuddly
see how he waddles around the house

i hear when they sleep
they are quiet as as a mouse

piglets take time to grow
so you feed n' water him

Oh, yea Jess
take him outside
he has to 'go'

i need you today bb gerl

take this cage apart
it's in the way

go buy barbeque sauce
at the grocery store


take your time
walk first to olga kay's

but be home in two hours

Jess, bb
don't look so worried

go gerl n' get on your way

btw Jess,
i also
need some coarse black pepper

lov U



Photo Credit
Copyright © Jess Lizama

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
20 May 2012

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