Sunday, May 27, 2012

jess why?

Jess Why?


Why were you and i created

To walk upon this earth


Where do we go when we die?

What do you fear most?

Will you ever find a man

Who is worthy of your trust and love?

Are you truly seeking to be

The best Mother you can?

Jesus Christ, what does He mean to you?

Why must i write poems to you


Shall i lie down n' wait to die?

When you are alone

In your darkened room

The black-ink night outside is

Illuminated by dim street lamps

The moon is in hiding

The stars are choked by pollution haze

Your residence is empty

All your doors are locked


Your living room is dark, so dark

Only the noise of the

Los Angeles city streets

Pierce your ears with sound

The deep throat roar

Of a distant jet plan

The rhythmic thump-thump

Of a police helicopter flying over head

Criss-crossing your neighborhood

The loud growl of a Harley Hawg

Racing past on your street

The crack-crack of gunfire

In your back-yard

Yelling and shouting

Then it's gone


The screeching whine

Of a police cruiser siren

You hear the

Distant low pitch, Loud High Screech

Fades and vanishes

Law Enforcement drive past


Do  not stop in front of your home

Hear the human like cry of an alley cat

You hear your own breathing

You feel your heartbeat

Do you ever ponder my questions proposed?

Do you even care to bother?

Am i your Poet?

Bb, gerl

Please let your Poet know


Photo Credit
Copyright © Jess Lizama


Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
27 May 2012
Pentecost Sunday



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