Wednesday, May 23, 2012

hurt in your eyes

hurt in your eyes

you wear suspicion upon your face

i see the past hurt in your eyes

i'm not the first man
who gave you these poetic lines

can you trust me

how do you know

your heart can't take another blow

you yearn for a man

faithful n' true


please don't worry, i'm just like you

the woman i loved, i gave my heart to

no truer love could
ever be forged

my family so blessed

Deborah, our daughter and i

happiness, joy, love
were more than just words

they were facts of my life

the Angel of the Dead
then descended upon her

twelve days before her birthday
my darling wife
died of sudden cardiac death

young, beautiful, loving, she is the best
any woman could be

we planned that she'd be burying me

Almighty God created her

i just loved her faithfully

i bow to His divine will

though i don't understand, why me

it is the cross Christ gives

others carry a greater
burden than i

she died with a Rosary in her hand

i am at peace knowing

Deborah is eternally with Jesus Christ

where i hope to be


i'm still a Pilgrim in this daemonic world


my heart is scorched, torn and empty

i fear that i shall never love again

yet, i have a teenage daughter
her life is my first concern

i shall not break down
i'm strong with prayers

she cannot see her Daddy cry

my tears are empty

why tell you my story

woman stranger

i cannot answer

it's a Poem that i had to write

whatever the reason

it is you Jess, that brought

my prose alive


Photo Credit
Copyright © Jess Lizama


Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
23 May 2012

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