Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You Broke My Heart n' Now I've Left You

You Broke My Heart n' Now I've Left You

The void you left
Within my heart
She filled it today

Where you took my love
For granted
She thanks me every day

You gave your
Time n' energy
To your work n' friends
You loved those more than me

She need only
Toss her head
Fling her long silken blonde hair
She takes my breath away

Days and months
I waited for any sign of affection
From you

Her deep ocean-blue eyes
She casts her glance
My way

I want her more
Than life itself

A wall you built

You Blocked me
In every way

My heart, body n' soul
I give her
I shall never take it away

You broke my heart
Now I've left you

She's more woman
Than you ever were to me


Photograph Credit
Copyright © e. ashley photography dot com

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
27 January 1989

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