Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Gerl Katie, She's so Sweet

My Gerl Katie, She's so Sweet

Midas had his touch
This story goes
All within his reach turned into gold

Keep your yellow stone

My Gerl Katie, She's so Sweet
Her smile turns every man's heart
Into a Valentine Poem

Julius Caesar ruled the world
His wealth, power and prestige
Is never equaled to this day

Wealth, power and prestige
So easily Brutus took that all away
One bloody night, long, long ago

My Gerl Katie, She's so Sweet
The warmth of her tender touch
Keeps a man warm n' cozy
He never can get enough

The mountains shall crumble
Into a pile of rubble n' dirt

The oceans shall dry out
Leaving a basin of blowing dust

My Gerl Katie, She's so Sweet
For all eternity
My love for her only grows

She's forever mine
Her eternal beauty
Is carved into my soul

Yes, I'm the richest most blessed man
Who shall ever walk upon
God's lush green earth


Spectacular Photograph Credit
Copyright © Katie Sah
Professional Photography Studio

"If you want the very best, then forget the phony rest."

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo
27 January 1989

153 Werdz of Love

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