Saturday, June 18, 2011

When, A Poem


Where have all the Fathers fled...
Mother with Child abandoned.

Where have all the Mothers gone...
babies aborted.

Where have all our elected Representatives hid...
children murdered.

Where is the righteous Christian rage...
in the voices of the
Bishops of the Holy See
martyrdom is feared.

have Citizens cease to defend Liberty

G E N O C I D E.

Today July 4th 2011

52 Million

fellow Citizens of the Womb
executed for connivance by this United States of America
since January 22, 1973

When the Supreme Court Justices
donned the black robes of

Lucifer's Culture of Death.

Nation Right to Life Committee Estimate...
a low estimate.

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
9 May 2010
Sixth Sunday of Easter
Mother's Day

Prochoice Murdered Child Photograph
Copyright © Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
Used with permission

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