Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pro-choice AmeriKa, a Poem

Pro-choice AmeriKa

The "freedom" Advocate
"I'm a life loving, liberty loving
pro-choice gal.
I love dancing in the rain."

She is the beating heart of
Pro-choice AmeriKa

Advocated by
This Citizen of the Womb
His beating heart is butchered
into pieces of bloody flesh

Doesn't love his life

At the hands of a demonic physician
He is tortured and he dies
an inhuman painful lonely

Ignores his lose of liberty

He is murdered in his mother's womb
He will never know what it is
to dance in the rain.

This IS Prochoice AmeriKa

The paid Democrat Party Political Lobbyist

She help elect Prochoice Extraordinaire
barack Hussein obama

Her laurels from Satan are legendary
Voted top One hundred most powerful women
in Washington D.C
Forthright with political savvy
Defines a cunning strategy
Pro-choice Advocate who defines the terms of the debate
She is the leader who is leading
reproductive rights
Safeguarding women & girls
Access to Safe, legal
She is Irish-Catholic

This is @Nancy_Keenan's
Satanic Laurels

This is @Nancy_Keenan's
Political savvy

The blood of this Citizen of the Womb
52 Million
Aborted Souls
Stain the hands of this genocidal murderer


Renounce your Abortion-Genocide Advocacy

You shall burn, your body aflame
within and without
Never consumed by the fire

You shall gnash your teeth and scream from
inhuman divine pain
There shall never be a moments rest from your
everlasting torment

Burn in HELL
for your

Pro-choice AmeriKa

The elected Representative of the People

He walks the hallowed halls of Congress
His wealth is paid by Citizen Taxpayers

He legislates this
Republic's demise

He Advocates Sodom & Gomorrah

He uses his office of public trust
to give Voice to
This nation's public sin against our
Creator, Almighty God, our eternal Father

He is the voice of mankind's most heinous
Crime Against Humanity

He is the the Bastard Bureaucrat
who denies another fellow
Of his God given unalienable right to

He is Nancy Keenan's Bitch

He is a Traitor

He is the Voice of Prochoice AmeriKa

See the Citizen who testifies against him below.

This Citizen of the Womb
He is voiceless
Where are his elected Representatives?
Where are his Supreme Court Justices?
Where are his fellow American Citizens?
Who respects and defends his
God given unalienable right to
Which is denied him by these
Genocidal Bastard Bureaucrats
Using the trust of their elected office
As petty tyrants.

These Crime Victims of our wicked nation's

Abortion Holocaust

Cry to God for justice

They testify against us all

May God, our eternal Father
Have mercy upon our Repbublic

Photograph Credits Public Domain
Used with Permission Bing

Disclaimer: Now I know Nancy and Mike are baby killing Prochoice whores of Lucifer but the other gerl is just some pretty face that I picked off the Internet. Bb, if you're a ProLife gal, don't be insulted, suck it up and take one hit for the Abolition team. She does look like @ProChoiceGal on Twitter®.

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
July 1st, 2011

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