Friday, June 24, 2011

I Declare War, A Poem

I Declare War

Nancy Keenan
Rallies her Pro-choice AmeriKa

Saintly looking woman, with sincere eyes
Warm friendly smile
Pics of gardening under God's
Life giving sun

Sister's of a freedom cause are they
Mother, Grannie, Auntie

I Declare War

Look into their eyes
See their coal black demonic Souls

Their heats of stone
Lovers of Lucifer are they

You shall know them by their fruits
Advocating, Voting, Funding

Pro-choice Abortion-Genocide

52 Million

Citizens of the Womb

Heart beats killed, bodies dismembered
Bloody corpses vacuumed from their mother's womb
Tossed in the trash dumpster

See their Genocide Crime Victim Photographs
See Pro-choice AmeriKa

Do you foolish wicked Ameicans
Not recognize
Ravenous Wolves wearing sheep wool?

Citizen of the Womb
Loss of their God given Unalienable right to Life
Is our loss of Liberty

Nancy Keenan
Rallies her Pro-choice AmeriKa
Baby Killing Whores

I Declare War

Poem Inspired by Pro-Life Champion
And fellow Abolitionist
Paula, Twitter® @Nerdista

Genocide Crime Victim Photograph
Copyright © The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
23 June 2011

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