Sunday, June 26, 2011

I ain't Sayin,' A Poem

I Ain't Sayin...

I ain't saying @ProChoiceGal that you're a
Prochoice Slut

You Follow @Nancy_Keenan
Her Prochoice Abortion-Genocide AmeriKa

I ain't saying @ProChoiceGal that you're a
Prochoice Baby Killer

52 Million Abortions

These voiceless Citizens

Unnamed Souls known only to God

Cut n' butchered into body pieces

Human beating hearts slain

A physician holds the knife

Permitted by the Supreme Court

Defended by Congress

Perpetuated by Democrat Party Votes

Babies' bloody fingers, toes n' ears

Vacuumed from their mother's womb

Wrapped in plastic bags
Disposed of like so much dog shit
Into a trash dumpster

I ain't saying @ProChoiceGal that you're a
Prochoice Evildoer

You Advocate this
Abortion Holocaust

You Vote for Traitorous Politicos

You donate to
Planned Parenthood Death Clinics

You blog
a mother has every right to murder
her own child within her womb

I am saying @ProChoiceGal that you're a
Prochoice Whore of Lucifer
the blood of these slain fellow Citizens
stains your hands
for all eternity

Burn in HELL Bitch

You remain an unrepentant
with your heart of stone
Your eyes of death
Your submission to the will of


Abolish Prochoice AmeriKa

Inspired by @ProChoiceGal Twitter®

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
Sunday 26 June 2011

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