Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sunset, a Poem

Sunset, a Poem

The Sunset

Beauty surrounds me
My home in Clearwater

Florida is the land of sunshine
I lay my head to my pillow to rest
The wild ocean waves
I hear their rhythmic song
And I fall asleep

My nude body is caressed
By the gentle sea breeze

Gentle upon my mind
Is my Filipina woman
Her shoulder length, black silken hair
I want to feel brush upon
My wanting flesh

A Sunset pales before her beauty
Her lips I yearn to kiss

Her eyes sparkle
Like the sun reflected off the gentle sea
Her sexy shoulders;
My eyes fall to her shapely breasts
Her feminine waist, svelte muscular thighs

I am her man, to swing down a jungle vine
And I carry her naked body to my love cave

Long after the sun sets
Her restrained moans
Is pleasure to my ears
Two sweaty bodies embrace
For one love dance, until

The Sunset


Photograph Credit
Copyright © ralph Marie de largo

Copyright © ralph Marie de largo

Wednesday 31 October 2012

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