Monday, November 12, 2012

Bishop, my Good Shepherd

Most Reverend W. Francis Malooly
Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware

Dear Bishop Francis,

In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I command you to call our brother in Christ Joe Biden, Vice President of these United States of America to repent.

And if he refuses, I command you in Christ's Name to Excommunicate this unrepentant public sinner, for the protection of the Church, education of the Faithful, the salvation of Joe's damned soul and to save our Republic from Satan's minions.

For several decades, Joey Biden is committing a grave public scandal, using the authority of his elected office publicly denouncing Church teaching, legislating the persecution  of Christ's Church, advocating the destruction of the Sacrament of Marriage, and the most heinous crime of them all, the State sponsored, Taxpayer funded, genocide of fellow American Citizens in their mother's womb.  54 MILLION and counting ---

Prochoice Abortion Genocide is a mortal sin against our Creator, Almighty God, eternal Father; Abortion is a Crime Against Humanity - Genocide; Abortion is unconstitutional Slavery, where one more politically powerful Citizen uses the tyranny of government to claim another Human Being as property to be disposed of as the mother pleases; Abortion is murder; Abortion is destroying the moral fabric of our once great Republic, a morality imperative for Citizens to remain free.

You are an Ordained Priest of the one, holy, Catholic Apostolic Church, called from your mother's womb to the Priesthood.  You are called again to be Bishop, defender of the Church, Good Shepherd of the Faithful, with the Pontiff, you are the final authority on the Gospel teachings of Christ.

Yet, Catholic Universities' faculty openly mock the authority of Bishops; disobey the Pontiff; hand out Abortion Pills; form Gay Clubs, push Lesbian Clubs; campus promiscuity is celebrated as 'cool' and 'chic;' Abortions at the University Health Clinic is upon demand.

Nineteen Catholic Senators in our Congress and all votes in favor of Obama's Abortion Holocaust and Death Panels, but for one soul.

More that 50% Catholics voting for evildoer Obama, even as we know he is the worker of the devil.  Obama is a Marxist committed to destroying the Church and our Republic.

Whatever you've been doing up to now, isn't working.  It's time to clean the Church of Public Sinners and make known Catechism.  Don't assume that your Faithful know it.  Show us faith.  Show the evildoing bureaucrats they shall be brought to moral justice.  Show the world, Chrisitanity and freedom is the foundation of our liberty in this Republic.



Why aren't you arrested for 'Hate Speech' because you defended the Sacrament of Marriage and condemn the sin of homoeroticism and Homofascism?

Why aren't you in prison for demanding from the pulpit the immediate abolition of this lost Republic's Abortion Holocaust?

Why aren't you murdered and martyred for denouncing Barach Hussein Obama for the evildoer that he has proven himself to be?

You are first a disciple of Jesus Christ, your treasures you store in heaven.  You are a Bishop, Good Shepherd, defender of the Church and you are an American Citizen committed to defending our Constitution.

Only the one, holy Catholic Apostolic Church has the Christian leadership in its Bishops, the moral back-bone in it's authority and the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary to save our Republic from the Wrath of Almighty God's punishment and we, a people thrown atop history's trash heap of genocidal regimes, atop Caesar's Roman Empire, Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, Josef Stalin's Soviet Union and Barach Hussein Obama's Prochoice America.

You are my Bishop.  I have a right to demand from you, leadership, Catholic teaching and defending the Church.  Even Bishops can be condemned into the everlasting fires of HELL, for commission and omission of your divine duties.

I pray for your intentions.

I remain your obedient son and brother in Christ,

ralph Marie de largo


12 November 2012

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