Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Next Rebel Yell, a Poem

Our Next Rebel Yell

I hear all you damn DC-Yankees sing with vigor and glee
Damn them Rebels and their Rebel Yell

You bet all us Southern Sons are burning in Hell
And you claim we fought only to keep Slavery alive and well

This great injustice you Northerners could tell
For to claim another man as your property
To whip and to sell and watch your wallet swell
Is contrary to Jesus Christ's laws and
He punishes with Hell

Yes, Slavery is evil and righteous is its end
But Jesus Christ knows that many of us Sons of the South
Fell not for Slavery
But for defending our State, family and friends

Today you damn DC-Yankees boast all is just and well
But you murder and profit from the bodies of fellow Citizens
Thrown into the trash and your
Supreme Court claims that this is proper and not rash

You damn DC-Yankees best repent and abolish
Now, cuz' the next time we Christians rise and you
Hear our Rebel Yell

We'll have Jesus Christ on our side
And we won't be Confederates to split this noble land
For we are now united Americans who claim all the land

Justly shall we, send you damned Congress Prochoice Abortionists
To burning in Hell

God bless the Militia Corps.

230 Word Poem

Copyright © ralph marie de largo
6th June 2010

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