Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Murder Mommie, a Poem

Murder Mommie

Tisk ... Tisk ... Tisk
What a 'meanie' is


He calls those
Prochoice Abortion Genocide Gerls
Murder Mommies

"I'm glad I had an Abortion."
"It's not merely an absence of regret
in my case,
It's unmitigated glee."

"Oooo ... I am so glad
I had an Abortion"

"Me having an Abortion, i do not find
To be morally different, than you having a headache."

Angie The Anti-Theist
YouTube® Vid
November 8, 2010

"Pro-Life'rs, they're idiots."
"Pro-Life'rs are downright fucking evil.
They need to shut-the-fuck-up."

"I'm Prochoice."

"The woman's right to abortion always, always, always trump the right to life of the foetus. The foetus, is not a Human-Being, it doesn't have rights."

"Pro-Life'rs misconstrue everything, they use abortion to fuel their filthy, hypocritical, misogynistic agenda."

"My life wasn't at risk, i just wasn't using any contraception. i didn't want to be a mother. There was so much fucking paperwork to my abortion."

"The abortion clinic asked me to personify this foetus, do i want the remains dumped with the medical waste or do i want 'it' cremated? They asked me to give humanity to this foetus, which is what i had to consciously resist doing at every stage of my abortion, to keep myself sane."

"I had the worst 'morning sickness' that my abortion fixed."

Vid June 10, 2010

I, Doctor Abigail Allen,
A pathologist who has examined the remains of
Aborted Children, attest that this photograph
Contained herein, accurately represents
The remains of a Child aborted at 24 weeks.

Oh My God
These Prochoice Abortion Genocide Bitches
Genocidal Monsters
That makes Adolf Hitler look like a 'picker'

They financially support the genocide clinics
Planned Parenthood

They vote Democrat

They Advocate this nation's evil
Abortion Holocaust

They murder their own children

They are

Murder Mommies

Photo Credits © Copyright Angie the Anti-Theist and Megatopcat

Murdered fellow Citizen, Crime Photograph
Copyright © Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, Used with Permission
Copyright © ralph marie de largo
28 September 2011

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