Saturday, March 3, 2012

dear Annie

dear Annie

You smiled and said to me
what storms may come
we'd ride them out together

When our bodies embraced under
the white-speckled,
blue-velvet dome

the grass seeds blew
and tickled our nose

You promised me forever

Your laughter was like a
cool splash of water
spilled over me
on a hot and humid night

Your brown eyes
gripped my soul like a
bungee-cord jump
I took a leap of faith

Your touch was all that
I ever wanted
until the end of time

What did you do
with our child

You sacrificed her blood to
the daemonic alter of
Planned Parenthood

You smiled and said to me
"Oh, please, it's not a
human being ...
Besides, I didn't want
the bother."

dear Annie, good-bye
I'm through lovin' you

Photo Credit Public Domain
Copyright © ralph marie de largo
March 3rd, 2012

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