Thursday, February 9, 2012

it's half-time America

it's half-time America
Public Service Announcement

It's half-time. Republicans are fighting each other to find a real conservative and Democrats are kissing Obama's ass in our White House.

We'll have a new President or more of the same-old Marxist shit.

It's half-time in America too. Citizens of the Womb are being murdered in Obama regime's Abortion Holocaust.

That's fifty-four million souls if you retards can count that high.

Homoeroticism is being shoved down our throats and the Cult of Immorality is destroying our families.

Obama dares to deny us our freedom of religion and openly persecutes the one, holy, Catholic Apostolic Church.

We've had four years to know whom he is, a petty despot using the authority and trust of his elected office to destroy our Republic and re-shape it into his perverse socialist democrat party rule.

Our Republic has faced and triumphed against a lot of enemies who wanted to take us out and by divine providence of our Creator, Almighty God, our eternal Father we have survived.

But this threat is different. Our enemy is the one man that we trusted and we gave him the keys to our liberty and he betrayed us.

All that matters now, is that we come together as one America and bitch-slap barack Hussein obama so mutha-frickin' hard that his mother feels the pain in her womb.

One Marxist Punk can't sucker-punch us down for the ten-count. We're Americans. Damn-it. November Twenty-twelve we get back up again, re-claim our liberty and send Obama packing from our White House.

Yea, it's half-time America, are you ready to live in a god-fearin' Christian Republic?

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February 9, 2012

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