Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lisa ... Lisa Nova

Lisa ... Lisa Nova

Did I ever tell you
That you are my hero

Lisa ... Lisa Nova
I don't understand
Your hypocrisy and your cowardice
You refuse to condemn this lost Republic's

Abortion Holocaust

Lisa ... Lisa Nova
You purport yourself to be a defender
Of the vulnerable, the defenseless and voiceless
You ignore the murders of
53 Million
Fellow Citizens of the Womb
Mankind's most unjust and heinous

Crime Against Humanity

You must see it
Even a blind man can't miss this atrocity,
Womb Citizens
Are the most vulnerable,
All are defenseless,

Torture is in the baby killing
Planned Parenthood Genocide Clinic
Walk down your street, you pass-by to work

Lisa ... Lisa Nova
I remember it well,
You were so quick and outraged
To make a video
Condemning Rush Limbaugh and his
Media distorted, out-of-context comment
About Michael J. Fox's shakie-shakes
53 Million babies murdered

"O ... Wtf ... What-ever"
"I'm Lisa ... Lisa Nova,
I make YouTube videos that change people's lives."

Lisa ... Lisa Nova
My dear friend,
I fell in love with you
When I watched your blog,
"Would you have the courage?"
On your past, deleted Internet website

I heard you say,

"It's not all about comedy with me boys ...
It's about justice for the voiceless and oppressed."

You touched my heart
With your honor and integrity
Did I ever tell you
That you are my hero

Lisa ... Lisa Nova
You told us how you were aghast
At every-day Germans
Who loved their children, their spouses and their dogs
Blindly walked past the
Nazi Holocaust Concentration Death Camp
Its barbed wire, circa 1943
On their way to the hospital
To comfort and nurse fallen German countrymen

Lisa ... Lisa Nova
"How could it be
that any human-being could ignore the
Genocide of 6 Million
Souls and still call themselves part of the human race."
you asked yourself.

Look into the mirror
Lisa Nova
I ask you this same question

Lisa ... Lisa Nova
Is your popularity, your fame, your politics
More important than the genocide of
53 Million Citizens of the Womb?

Do you want to burn in
The everlasting fires of

Lisa ... Lisa Nova
You have a God given gift
To touch our hearts
Ease our burden
We laugh-out-loud
YouTube loves you
Yes, you do change our lives

What if you filmed a
Pro-Life video to condemn and expose
Ashley Judd's NARAL Prochoice AmeriKa Evildoing?

Or are you on Ashley's Christmas List?

Lisa ... Lisa Nova
I have a vision I share with you
I call upon the love and integrity
Of all the YouTube Nation
To be united in one video voice to condemn this
Sin against our Creator,

End this AmeriKan people's
Crime Against Humanity,

Take back our God given unalienable right to life
For all Citizens
From Conception to Natural death

Win victory for an unfinished Slavery War
Where one more politically more powerful Citizen,
Can still today, claim as law
Another Citizen as property
To be disposed of as he pleases

Lisa ... Lisa Nova

Abolish Prochoice Abortion Genocide

Lisa ... Lisa Nova
My dearest Sister in Christ
My fellow Citizen
My YouTube friend

I don't understand your hypocrisy and cowardice
You do not commit
Your rapier wit, your passion, intellect and American heart

Lisa ... Lisa Nova

Abortion Holocaust

I know that you have the courage.

Did I ever tell you
That you are my hero

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Murdered Citizen of the Womb
Crime Photograph
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500 Word Poem
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June 11, 2010

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